Getting Involved on Campus

The ultimate value of college comes from the combination of your course work and your activities. Both matter! Read on for more about the value of getting involved in campus activities and activities based in the Political Science and International Relations Department.

Students in PSIR shirts at the Blue Horseshoe with Dr. Atchison

Why should I get involved?

As you prepare to graduate from MTSU you will apply for professional jobs or admission to law school or graduate school. Your degree and GPA get you into the pool of seriously considered applicants. But how do you distinguish yourself from similar candidates so that you are selected from the pool and actually hired or admitted? You need to stand out—at least a little bit—from all the other people who have earned a degree with a similar GPA. You need to do some things while at MTSU to help you stand out, and being active on campus is one of the things you can do. Organizations and activities related to Political Science and International Relations broaden your understanding by helping you apply concepts from the classroom, build leadership experience, and meet real friends. These organizations are student-led and student-run.

Helpful hint: If a group you want to be a part of on campus doesn't already exist, it is very easy to start a new group! That said, MTSU already hosts many dozens of student clubs and organizations that are related to Political Science and International Relations -- or that will link you with students who share interests with you that are completely unrelated to politics and international affairs! Just skim or search the list of student organizations to find a group that appeals to you, and you can get active and involved instantly by signing up through the MyMT portal.

Department activities and organizations

We have an active Department community and we love it when our students are active and involved too. We offer a wide range of opportunities for students to interact with each other and with faculty outside of formal classes. In Peck Hall, Department events are posted on bulletin boards and monitors in the hallway, but the easiest and most reliable way to know when things are happening is by "liking" the MTSU Department of Political Science Facebook page. Just log in to Facebook, search for and "like" our page, and you will always be notified about Department events and upcoming opportunities. If Facebook is not for you, find us on Instagram and follow us for new information on internship opportunities, new courses, student projects, and more! 

What else might you find on our social media? Each year the Department organizes workshops for students on key things like getting into law school, going to graduate school, internships, career development and so on. Often these are held late in the afternoon or evening, and are an opportunity for informal conversations among students, faculty, and outside experts on skills students need. The Department occasionally sponsors or co-sponsors films on political and international topics as well as guest speakers, including some in the MTSU Distinguished Lecture series like Russian poet, writer, and dissident Dmitry Bykov.

We also offer a wide range of one-credit skills or activity courses. Students work together and with faculty members, prepare, and compete at the state and national level in Moot Court, Mock Trial, Mediation, Model United Nations, and Intercollegiate State Legislature competitions.

PS 2100 Legal Courtroom Procedure (EXL). For students interested in developing trial advocacy skills; practical course offering preparation for mock trial competition. One credit, and may be repeated up to three times. Mock Trial and MTSU Mock Trial

PS 2110 Moot Court (EXL). Students conduct research of legal controversies, prepare briefs, and argue cases before a mock judicial panel. One credit, but may be repeated up to four times. Moot Court

PS 2120 Mediation Procedure (EXL). For students interested in developing skills as a mediator and an advocate in mediation settings. Practical application of theories, methods, and ethical components of mediation. Participation in intercollegiate mediation competition. May be repeated for up to four hours of credit. Pass/Fail. Mediation

PS 2130 Model United Nations/Crisis simulation (EXL). Prerequisite: PS 1010 or permission of instructor. For students interested in developing skills in negotiation and conflict resolution involving international issues. A practical application of negotiating skills, policy process, and understanding of international conflicts and problems through participation in intercollegiate MUN/crisis simulation competition. One credit, and may be repeated three times for a total of 4 hours credit. Model United Nations

PS 2140 Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (EXL). Students work through content and activities on legislative procedures designed to prepare them to participate in the annual Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL). May be repeated for up to four hours of credit. One credit; Pass/Fail.

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