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Studying abroad is extraordinarily valuable, increasingly easy at MTSU, and something you and every student should aim to do. There are tremendous benefits and almost no downsides to studying abroad, so....GO.

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  1. Why Bother Studying Abroad
  2. It's More Than Taking Classes
  3. Where Will You Find the Time to Go Abroad?
  4. How You Can Go Abroad, Easily

1. Why Bother Studying Abroad?

MTSU is in the middle of a state in the middle of a continent, and there is great big world out there. Going abroad gives you a rare opportunity to expand your horizons, understand a different culture, better appreciate your own culture, build independence and confidence and initiative and communication skills. For all of these reasons, employers, graduate schools, and law schools value study abroad.

The fact is that the vast majority of students who go abroad see it as the most valuable part of their educational experience. Why would you want to skip this kind of opportunity? Why would you want to skip this kind of opportunity when MTSU makes it easy and very affordable?

2. It's More Than Taking Classes

Traditionally, study abroad programs involved taking university classes while living in another country and culture. And, there are still many opportunities to do this—if it is what you want. Today, however, study abroad programs also include other options, such as internships abroad, public service work abroad, and field research. You can find exactly the type of experience you want and will benefit from the most.

MTSU, for instance, is affiliated with Experiential Learning Abroad Programs (ELAP), which offers structured internship and service learning opportunities year-round, in a variety of fields, yielding valuable personal and professional experience. ELAP allows you to combine going abroad with an internship experience and civic engagement. ELAP offers overseas internship programs in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa. If you are interested in this type of hands-on, internship experience overseas, look at the ELAP web site and talk to MTAbroad in Jones Hall 151.

Obviously, International Relations majors are...


But, understand that going abroad is extremely valuable for all Political Science majors too—whether in General PS, Pre-Law, Public Public Policy and Management, or Teacher Licensure. So, go.


3. Where Will You Find the Time to Go Abroad?

Students often say that they would like to go abroad but can't do so and meet all of the requirements for General Education, their major, and their minors and still graduate on time. It doesn't have to be this way.

First, do not just assume this is the case without talking to your academic advisor first—it is usually possible to find a way to make it happen.

Second, think very seriously about minoring in Political and Civic Engagement. Most study abroad credit hours can be used toward the minor requirements, and thus studying abroad will be an integral part of your program. Instead of studying abroad as something additional to fit into your program, if you minor in Political and Civic Engagement it will be an essential part of your program.

4. How You Can Go Abroad

MTSU makes going abroad very easy. The MTAbroad office is right down the hall from the Department in Jones Hall 155. Programs are available to go almost anywhere you might want to go in the world. And, there are dedicated scholarship funds available to help you go abroad.

Finally, we have PS 3780: Study Abroad to give you a vehicle to earn credits within the Department. Just talk to your academic advisor beforehand about where the study abroad credit hours can apply in your program.

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