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Data Science, B.S.

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Creating Data Driven Problem Solvers

Data science continues to be in high demand and data practitioners are needed in every industry. A degree in Data Science provides a unique interdisciplinary approach to education that includes courses and faculty from several departments, including Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Systems & Analytics, and Economics and Finance. This degree leverages the strengths of MTSU by bringing the best of all of these areas together to create future career ready professionals.

Students will take courses in programming, statistics, analytics, database, and machine learning as well as selecting a concentration in either Inferential Thinking, Business Intelligence, or Advanced Machine Learning.  Not only will students be taking innovative and interdisciplinary courses, but they will also be able to put those skills to good use through ‘real-world’ projects through the Data Science Institute and events such as Data Dives and Hackathons.  A degree that truly makes you career ready through courses and experiences to create data driven problem solvers. 

What We're Doing

Students working in MTSU’s Data Science Institute

Data Science students dig deep into data for Hytch traffic rewards app

Students working in MTSU’s Data Science Institute dug deep into “big data” provided by Midstate social impact technology company Hytch to see how users of its app-based rewards program are affecting traffic throughout the region. The Nashville-based company hired the MTSU institute to study data from the Hytch Rewards app and offer the company insights on how commuters are using the service, which seeks to reduce traffic congestion and pollution through ride sharing, carpooling or use of public transit. “With so many miles shared and payments distributed by Hytch — analyzing that much data takes time and resources. The data might prove how inexpensive it is to modify behavior and get more value out of our existing road network,” said MTSU Data Science Institute director Charlie Apigian. The Hytch project involved four students — one undergraduate, two master’s students and one doctoral candidate — as well as two alumni mentors. The team was also interdisciplinary, ranging from information systems to computational science majors, with students and mentors earning a small stipend for their work.

Dr. Charlie Apigian with award

Professor, student receive Nashville Technology Council awards

Middle Tennessee State University represented well at the 2020 Nashville Technology Council Awards, bringing home three of the major awards for the evening. Data Science professor, Dr. Charles Apigian was named “Data Scientist of the Year,” while graduate student Luis Lange was named “Technology Student of the Year,” and the MTSU Women of STEM Center was awarded the “Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year.” These are incredible accomplishments that prove that MTSU’s efforts in promoting education in data science are preparing students to make valuable contributions in the rapidly growing Nashville technology community. The Nashville Technology Council has worked as a hub for bringing technology companies together and recognizing industry leaders. As a $7.5 billion-dollar industry that continues to flourish, the demand for information technology jobs will continue to grow, and MTSU has industry-leading resources, expert faculty, and driven students that will make an impact for years to come.

Careers directly after graduation (entry level)

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Infrastructure Engineer
  • Data Mining Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analyst

Career path with experience or additional education

  • AI Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Researcher
  • Statistician 

Notable Companies looking to hiring in Data Science:

  • Accenture
  • Asurion
  • Bank of New York Mellon
  • Bridgestone
  • CAT Financial
  • CGI
  • Change Healthcare
  • Deloitte
  • Digital Reasoning
  • Dollar General
  • EFC Systems
  • Genesco
  • Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
  • HPA Cognizant Technologies
  • Ingram Content Group
  • Nissan
  • State of Tennessee
  • Stratasan
  • The General
  • Tractor Supply
  • Trinisys
  • Vaco
  • Vanderbilt Medical

MTSU's offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science with three tracks, Inferential Thinking, Business Intelligence, or Machine Learning.  The B.S. also allows a student 15 general elective hours that may be used toward a minor or any other courses that the student desires to incorporate with their Data Science degree.

For complete curriculum details, click on the REQUIREMENTS button to the right.

Students can also choose to minor in Data Science.  The requirements include:

  • MATH 1530 or BIA 2610
  • CSCI 1170 Introduction to Computer Programming (prereq. sufficient background in Algebra and Trigonometry)
  • DATA 1500 Introduction in Data Science (no prereq)
  • DATA 3500 Data Cleansing (prereq: CSCI 1170)
  • DATA 3550 Predictive Modeling (prereq: CSCI 1170)


For graduate students, a graduate certificate in Data Science is offered. This includes four courses (listed below) that are mostly online courses with Data Dives (hackathons) as in person experiential opportunities.  Each course is 7 weeks long and can be completed in two semesters.

  • DATA - 6300 - Data Understanding
  • DATA - 6310 - Data Exploration
  • DATA - 6320 - Predictive Modeling
  • DATA - 6330 - Model Optimization and Deployment


A Data Science minor gives you the data skills to add to your current major to allow you to be a data-driven problem solver.  To minor in Data Science, you are required to take 15 credit hours, which is listed below.

Required courses (5 required courses):

  • MATH 1530 or BIA 2610
  • CSCI 1170      Introduction to Computer Programming (prereq. sufficient background in Algebra and Trigonometry)
  • DATA 1500 Introduction in Data Science (no prereq)
  • DATA 3500 Data Cleansing (prereq: CSCI 1170)
  • DATA 3550 Predictive Modeling (prereq: CSCI 1170) 

For more information about the Data Science minor at MTSU, please contact Dr. Lisa Green, Program Director (

As this is a new program, the information is not in the current catalog. Please review this academic map for requirement information.

DATA 1500 - Introduction to Data Science
3 credit hours

(Same as BIA 1500.) Introduces basic principles and tools as well as its general mindset in data science. Concepts on how to solve a problem with data include business and data understanding, data collection and integration, exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling, descriptive modeling, data product creation, evaluation, and effective communication. 

DATA 3550 - Applied Predictive Modeling
3 credit hours

(Same as STAT 3550.) Prerequisite: CSCI 1170. An overview of the modeling process used in data science. Covers the ethics involved in data science, data preprocessing, regression models, classification models, and presenting the model.

Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute develops people for the data world.  This is accomplished by facilitating interdisciplinary research, industry and government partnerships, and community outreach which puts MTSU at the forefront of data science regionally and nationally in terms of education and research. The Data Science Institute also looks to develop people through doing by offering opportunities for projects, events (data dives), and training.

Data Dives

To learn Data Science, you must DO Data Science.  The Data Science Institute offers hackathon style Data dives that allow students to work together to solve real world problems using data.  The Data dives have ranged from 16 hours over two days to 24 hour overnight events and have analyzed data from several non-profits such as Second Harvest, Special Kids, Inc., and Murfreesboro Police Department.

Alex Antonison from Stratasan (far left), works through a problem for a Data Dive at MTSU to help Second Harvest Food Bank with warehouse optimization.Alex Antonison from Stratasan (far left), works through a problem for a Data Dive at MTSU to help Second Harvest Food Bank with warehouse optimization.

Contact Information

Dr. Lisa Green, Program Director
Room 325C Bldg KOM
615 898-5775
MTSU Box 0034

Who is My Advisor?

Who Is My Advisor?
Dr. Lisa Green, Program Director
Room 325C Bldg KOM
MTSU Box 0034

Mailing Address

Data Science Programs
c/o Dr. Lisa Green
Middle Tennessee State University
MTSU Box 34
1301 East Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

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