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Digital Teaching & Learning Certificate

With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis across the state and the country, many are taking on roles as digital educators. The quick transition to digital learning leaves many overwhelmed, challenged, and at a loss in terms of exactly what is needed to help their learners meet success in the digital learning environment. Even as schools reopen for fully face-to-face learning, many are offering hybrid learning, week-on and week-off, and fully digital options.

The Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) Certificate program helps build skills and knowledge necessary to effectively deliver and facilitate online learning by examining and evaluating models and strategies for online instruction, designing appropriate curriculum, exploring literacy and multiple literacy development through new media tools, incorporating seminar techniques for online discussions, selecting and applying digital learning structures to the PreK-12 classroom, addressing issues related to diversity and accessibility, designing digital content for online lessons, selecting assessments for the digital classroom, and using data to inform practice.


Who is this intended for?

The DTL Certificate program is designed for practicing PreK-12 teachers at varying levels of their careers, instructions coaches, curriculum designers, technology coaches, school leaders, and center office personnel who work within the many facets of school curriculum and instruction. The certificate coursework also covers content that is useful for parents and caregivers.

What will you learn?

The four courses developed for the certificate program over content and topics related to a variety of issues involved with digital teaching and learning. Aligned with the International Soceity for Technology in Education Standards for Educators, Instructional Coaches, and School Leaders – coursework emphasizes:

  • Creating effective digital teaching and learning environments for the classroom and home, including: tools, management systems, deep thinking in the online classroom, and fostering creativity.
  • Curriculum design appropriate for online delivery, new media tools and literacies, standards-based digital instruction, and research-based practices.
  • Promoting digital citizenship, digital literacy, content instruction, and the role of the digital teacher and learner in a participatory society.
  • Assessment and evaluation of digital teaching and learning with available tools for collecting, analyzing, and making data-driven decisions with the goal of improving practice.

What will you earn?

  • A graduate certificate with relevant skills than can be applied for PreK-12 teaching and learning environments
  • You will have earned credit for four graduate courses at MTSU that may be used in partial requirement for the M.Ed., depending on the program
  • Relevant content and experiences that enhance your current, professional education practice.
  • May be used as renewal credit for professional licensure or job advancement.
  • DTL Certificate coursework may be applied to the M.Ed. C&I. For more information, please contact Dr. Ashlee Hover at


What We're Doing

Renee Holmes

Longtime teacher praises MTSU’s digital learning graduate certificate program

An elementary school teacher for more than 25 years, Renee Holmes says MTSU’s digital learning graduate certificate program is useful for teachers who have been in the classroom for years like she has, or those who are just beginning their careers in education.  “Even after the threat of the virus subsides, there may continue to be needs for online, quality instruction. The need for some type of online learning – for all ages of students – may continue to grow in demand.” As Holmes put it, teachers are always looking for new ways to help their students learn effectively,  “Teachers always want to meet the needs of their students,” she said. "MTSU's Digital Learning program will provide the applicable skills, resources, and encouragement needed to support teachers with the demands of the ever-changing world of online teaching.” 

Students who complete the Digital Learning Certificate program can work in a variety of places in several roles, including:

  • Administrator, School Leader, PreK-12 Professional Educator
  • Community College Instructor
  • Content Developer and Reviewer
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Distance Education Staff
  • Instructional Coach
  • Literacy Coach
  • Non Profits
  • Professional Development Leader

Employers of MTSU alumni include

  • Community Colleges
  • Distance Education Publishers
  • PreK Institutions
  • Public and Private Schools across Tennessee
  • Public and Private Schools across the U.S.

The College of Education offers the Digital Teaching and Learning Certificate for those wishing to improve their techniques and teaching skills in relation to digital classroom learning. This certificate is appropriate for licensed teachers in the state of Tennessee and is encouraged to those who are pursuing the betterment of their students’ digital classroom experience. These courses are relevant for teachers in a K-12 setting.

Applicants to the Digital Teaching and Learning Certificate program must have:

  • an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college; and
  • a valid Tennessee Teacher license.

DTL Certificate coursework may be applied to the M.Ed. C&I. For more information, please contact Dr. Ashlee Hover at

*For complete application details, click the Requirements tab.

The Digital Teaching and Learning Certificate is now taking applications.

The course rotation is as follows:

  • Fall:  DTL 6000 and DTL 6010
  • Spring: DTL 6020 and DTL 6030

What are the program requirements for completion?

Requirements include successful completion of 12 hours of prescribed graduate classes.

Which classes should I take?

Please see the Requirements section for course details.

How do I enroll in classes?

To enroll in classes you must first apply as a non-degree seeking graduate student to MTSU Graduate Studies. Submit the application, transcripts, and application fee.

What is the cost of the program and is there any financial assistance available?

Please visit the tuition website for more information regarding tuition and fees. This program is not an eCampus program. Please contact the MTSU Financial Aid Office to inquire about any funding that you may qualify for.

When are the classes offered and how long will it take to complete the endorsement?

Classes for the DTL Certificate  are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. We are willing to work with schools and systems for possible cohorts. Please contact Dr. Craig at  for more information. 


True Blue Helping Hands was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on education. Many parents and caregivers have taken on the role of teacher and “home educators.” As professional educators, it is our responsibility to bridge the knowledge gap and turn crisis teaching into best practice teaching through authentic, engaging experiences that help teachers and caregivers meet this new challenge head on. 

Visit the website and feel free to share!

Online or Hybrid Programs at a Glance

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Contact Information

Dr. Dorothy Valcarcel Craig, Professor of Education
CFD, COI (Lern), APPQMR, AFOC (University of Maryland Online Learning Consortium)


Who is My Advisor?

Dr. Dorothy Valcarcel Craig, Professor of Education
CFD, COI (Lern), APPQMR, AFOC (University of Maryland Online Learning Consortium)


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Dr. Dorothy Valcarcel Craig
Department of Educational Leadership
Middle Tennessee State University
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