Outstanding Teacher Award

The MTSU Foundation has funded Outstanding Teacher Awards for the past forty-five years. The Foundation will fund five awards for $3,000 each again this year.

The plan for making the awards consists of two phases: nominations and selection. Nominations will be made by three groups: alumni, faculty, and students. Selections will be based upon evaluations by students and tenured faculty.

Guidelines for Nomination

  1. Faculty need only receive nominations from two of the three groups, but must receive more than one nomination from one of them.
  2. A faculty member may nominate only one person.
  3. Faculty may not be nominated unless they are full-time faculty and teaching at least 8 semester hours.
  4. Faculty nominated must be in at least their fourth year at MTSU.
  5. Previous award winners are eligible to compete when five years have elapsed since they last received the award.

Recipients for the past five years have been:

2010 - 2011 Alyson Bass, Rebecca Foote, Meredith Ann Higgs, Shannon Hodge, John Sanborn, Melissa Wald
2009 - 2010 Mohammed Albakry, Jessica Carter, Richard Farley, Soraya Nogueira, Wayne Rollins
2008 - 2009 Jennifer Caputo, Lawanna Fisher, Derek Frisby, Linda Gilbert, Timothy Graeff
2007 - 2008 Charles Higgins, Padgett Kelly, Robb McDaniel, Donald Roy, Kimberly Ujcich-Ward
2006 -02007 Craig Cornish, William Langston, Sheila Marquart, Janet McCormick, Jenny Sauls


Final Selection

A committee representing the Foundation, alumni, SGA, administration, and the faculty will review the qualifications of the nominees to determine if each nominee meets the above criteria. Qualified nominees will be evaluated by their students, department chairs, and tenured colleagues using the Teacher Performance checklists .

The final tabulations are made by computer. In determining the final rating of each candidate, the student checklist constitutes seventy-five percent of the overall rating and the tenured faculty checklist constitutes the remaining twenty-five percent.


Please fill out the online nomination forms which include a digital signature. The forms can then be submitted by email or printed using the buttons at the top.

History Listing of Past Recipients

Click here for a complete listing of past recipients.