Quest for Student Success, 2013-2016

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research
Retention Dashboard
Quality Assurance Funding
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) (2015-16 Results)
Regression on Six-Year Graduation Rates

Career Development Center Consultant Report

Complete Tennessee
Beneath the Surface: The State of Higher Education in Tennessee

The Chronicle of Higher Education 
“Students on the Margins” October 2017
“2026, The Decade Ahead: The Seismic Shifts Transforming the Future of Higher Education” May 2016
“The Future of The Degree: How Colleges Can Survive the New Credential Economy” September 2017
“The Future of Work: How Colleges Can Prepare Students for the Jobs Ahead” April 2017
“Take Back the Ivory Tower” October 2017
“Relationships Are Central to the Student Experience. Can Colleges Engineer Them?” January 2018
“Bringing Back Adult Students Takes More Than a Catchy Campaign” February 2018
Aligning the classroom with employer needs: "IBM and NJIT Partner to Increase Access to New Collar Skills Education in New Jersey"

APLU Council on Engagement and Outreach
“The Centrality of Engagement in Higher Education” August 2015

Integrating Academic and Career Development

The Education Trust
Rising Tide: Do College Grad Rate Gains Benefit All Students?
Rising Tide II: Do Black Students Benefit as Grad Rates Increase?

Lumina Foundation
Strategic Plan: Goal 2025

Bloomberg Businessweek
Maybe STEM Isn’t the Future After All. Soft Skills Are Coming on Strong” February 2018