November 15  President appointed committee to revisit Quest for Student Success
December 6 Organization meeting
March 5 Working Concept Completed
March 7 Working Concept to Deans for Review and Comment
April 9 Deans meeting to review working concept
May 15 Working Draft 1 Completed
July 5 Share Draft with Deans
July 11 Deans’ Meeting to Discuss Working Draft 1
August 7 Submit Draft to President
August 10 Share Draft with President’s Student Success Team
September 5 Post revised draft to University community for review and comment
September 26-27 University Forums in Faculty Senate Chambers:
Wed, Sept 26, 2:00PM and Thurs, Sept 27, 3:00PM
October 8 Submit Final Plan to University Planning Committee for Approval
October 8        Submit Final Plan to President for Approval
October 22 Post and Implement Final Plan
November 13 Notify Academic Affairs, Student Life & Athletics Committee