Psychology Listserv

The MTSU Psychology Listserv is available to psychology majors and minors, graduate students (psychology) and faculty (psychology). A listserve is a way for students and faculty to communicate with one another about pertinent topics relating to the field of psychology in general and the MTSU psychology department in particular.

The Purpose

To inform students of information pertinent to the department such as new courses that are being offered, dates, and times for Psychology Day and Career Day, etc.

To disseminate to students information of interest pertaining to the field of psychology (e.g., research advances pertaining to drugs, memory, learning, and psychological disorders).


Be prepared to do the following once you click on the Join the Psychology Listserv link:

  1. Click on the link for "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to lists"
  2. Fill in your name (nicknames, screen names, etc., not allowed), along with your email address
  3. Select the action - SUB to subscribe, UNSUB to unsubscribe.
  4. Select MTSU Psychology from the pull-down menu
  5. Then select 'Send E-mail' button

Join the Psychology Listserv

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