Minor in Lifespan Development

The Lifespan Development minor is intended for students who want specialized instruction in lifespan and human development issues. This minor is appropriate for students majoring in psychology, health education, sociology, or social work. The Lifespan Development minor is also a compatible second minor for students who have minors in gerontology, health, sociology, social welfare, women's studies, or health care services. Also, students who are considering medicine (pre-med), a job in the medical profession, or social work as a career would find this minor beneficial. 

Students will take 3 core courses that focus on three different developmental periods in the lifespan: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Electives should be selected to supplement knowledge of development in one or more areas of the lifespan. In their courses, students will be exposed to a number of theoretical approaches to development, as well as empirical research focusing on the domains of social, emotional, biological, and cognitive development. Several of these courses provide the opportunity for hands-on experience with different age groups either through practica or observations and interviews. A total of 15 semester hours is required for this minor. A minimum of 6 psychology hours, to include at least 3 upper division hours must be taken at MTSU to satisfy this minor.

Required Courses (9 Hours)

Course No. and Title Credit Hours
PSY 4190 - Child Development
(Students may choose to substitute both CDFS 2350 & CDFS 3110 for this requirement)
PSY 4210 - Adolescent Development
PSY 4610 - Adult Development and Aging

Guided Electives (Choose 2)

Course No. and Title Credit Hours
PSY 2300 - Developmental Psychology
PSY 3240 - Abnormal Child Psychology
PSY 4440 - Close Relationships
PSY 4600 - Psychosexual Adjustment
PSY 4620 - Psychology of Women
PSY 4630 - Death and Dying
PSY 4720 - Cross-Cultural Psychology

* It is recommended that all students (psychology and non-psychology majors) pursuing this minor already have taken PSY 1410: General Psychology; however, PSY 1410 will not count toward the 15 hours required for this minor. PSY 1410 may be taken as a general education requirement.

*Under no circumstances may students count the same hours for both a major and minor--the 38 hours required for the psychology major may not overlap with the 15 hours required for the Lifespan Development minor.

*In some cases students have the option of substituting a comparable course from sociology or child development and family studies to fulfill one or more of the 3 core course requirements listed, but all students must complete 15 hours of approved psychology courses for this minor.

If you have any questions about this minor, contact Dr. Michelle Boyer-Pennington at 615-898-5451.

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