Faculty Backgrounds & Research Interests

Experimental Psychology

Thomas Brinthaupt Social Personality, Psychology of Self, Group Dynamics
John Pennington Personality, Social Judgment Processes, Identity Regulation
Michelle Boyer-Pennington Language Development, Memory Development
Teresa L. Davis Child Development, Social Cognitive Development
James Houston Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging, Neurophysiology, Chiari Malformation
Megan Zeringue Adolescent Sleep and Mental Health, Parent-child Relationships, Socioeconomic Disadvantage
Stuart Bernstein Reading and Spelling Cognition
William Langston Psycholinguistics and Cognition
Behavioral Neuroscience/Neuropsychology  
Cyrille Magne Psycholinguistics
Tiffany D. Rogers Social Behavior (mouse models)
 Jessica Gaby  Human Olfactory Perception, Social Olfaction, Psychophysics
Health Psychology
Thomas Brinthaupt         Social Personality, Psychology of Self, Group Dynamic
Cathy Crooks Meditation and Health, Stress Management
James Loveless Cardiovascular Psychophysiology, Emotion Process, Sleep and Treatment Adherence
Behavior Analysis
Ann Galizio Translational Behavior Analysis (including human and animal models), Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral Variability and Stereotypy, Delay Discounting
Jay Hinnenkamp                                     Learning, Behavior Analysis, Conditioned Reinforcement, Quantitative Models of Choice and Learning

Clinical Psychology

Paul Foster Neuropsychology, Memory Changes Due to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
James Loveless Cardiovascular Psychophysiology, Emotion Process, Sleep and Treatment Adherence
Ciera Schoonover Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Behavioral Parent Training Interventions, Disorders in Childhood
J. Chris Tate Addiction, Drug abuse, Personality Assessment
Corey Teague
Provisional Development Trauma Disorder, Diagnosis, Assessment Administration and Development, DSM IV V Codes and Distress/Diagnosis
Kim Ujcich Ward
Behavior Analysis, Autism, Parenting, Eating Disorders


Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Mark Frame Performance Appraisals, Assessment Centers, Management/Executive Coaching, and Occupational Health Psychology
Mike Hein Selection, Training, Group processes, Leadership
Alexander Jackson                 Judgment & Decision Making, Occupational Health, Training & Development, Dark Personality Traits

Patrick McCarthy

Organizational Diagnosis and Development, Leadership, Motivation, Work-family Balance

Nancy Stone Environmental Design, Hazard Mitigation, Group and Team Processes, Student Learning, Training/Pedagogy, Program Evaluation, and the Interview Process.
Judy Van Hein Employee Selection and Organizational Justice

Quantitative Psychology

Dana K. Fuller                     Quantitative Methods
Mike Hein  Selection, Training, Group Processes, Leadership

School Psychology

Madeline Berkowitz Dyslexia, Early Reading Development, Evidence Based Reading Intervention, and Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in Schools
Aimee Holt Learning Disabilities, Child Abuse
Seth Marshall Neuropsychological Aspects of Attention in Children; Executive Function in Children
Monica Wallace Academic and Behavior Interventions


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