MTSU Psychology Courses on the Web

The following psychology courses are web-based or web-enhanced.

*Some of these web-based psychology courses are only available on MTSU's WebCT or through the Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC). Please see the latest schedule book for more information.

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (Psy 4040)

Sensation and Perception (Psy 4030/5030)

Psychology of Social Behavior (Psy 2210)

Groups Dynamics (Psy 4380/5380)

Basic Statistics for Behavioral Science (Psy 3020)

  • Basic Statistics (Dana K. Fuller, Ph. D.)
  • Statistics* (Donald F. Kendrick, Ph.D.)

Intermediate Statistics (Psy 6280)

Advanced Statistics (Psy 6290)

Research Methods (Psy 3070/5070)

Learning Theories (Psy 4480)

  • Learning Theories* (Donald F. Kendrick, Ph.D.)

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