Strategic Priority 3

Increase online, hybrid and off-site offerings, adaptive scheduling, and curricular flexibility.

  • 16 new fully online degree programs for a total of 32.
  • 102 new online courses and 70 online course redevelopments.
  • Standardized deadlines and timelines for course development.
  • Collaboration with MTSU Marketing and Communications to promote online programs and MTSU Online branding.
  • Accelerated Public Safety degree program.
  • Ten proposed degree programs based on market demand.
  • Meeting with chairs and deans to confirm plans and status for online programs in development.
  • New course types implementation.
Work Group
Co-Chair: Tyler Henson Registrar 
Co-Chair: Trey Martindale MTSU Online
Erin Arnold College of Media and Emntertainment
Kate Goodwin College of Liberal Arts
Tim Greer Jones College of Business
Brian Hinote Provost's Office
John Burchfield  University College
Sharon Parente Walker Library
Sonya Sanderson College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Steve Severn College of Liberal Arts
Jennifer Woodard College of Media and Entertainment