Strategic Priority 5

Invest in a campus-wide environment that fosters living-learning opportunities.

Work Group
Co-Chair: Joyce Heames  Jones College of Business
Co-Chair: Bill Waits Campus Planning
Grover Baker Walker Library
David Edgar Academic Space Planning
Keith Gamble Jones College of Business
John Maynor College of Liberal Arts
John Ouellette College of Media and Entertainment
Philip Phillips Honors College
Michelle Safewright Campus Housing
John Wallin College of Basic and Applied Sciences


  • Internal approval has been given to go forward with the Campus Quadrangle Improvements project ($1,600,000 total project estimate) that will carry out renovations to the quadrangle between Davis Science and Bragg. Scope of work includes renovation to sidewalks and outdoor gathering spaces along this quad.
  • MTSU Housing is currently studying debt capacity in efforts to fund a new dormitory to be located at the existing site of Womack Lane Apartments. Estimated total project budget is $40,000,000. Project time frame and detailed project programming are unknown at this time.
  • Looking to form a committee to review opportunities for a once a week “community hour.”
  • Plans are being developed to improve outside space of the Business and Aerospace Building.
  • Initial discussions have been had on renovating the State Farm Lecture Hall.
  • The MTSU Board of Trustees unanimously voted in September 2021 to support the renaming effort for Forrest Hall. James Floyd, General Counsel, is in the process of preparing documents to request renaming of Forrest Hall to be submitted to the Tennessee Historical Commission.
  • Kathleen Schmand, dean of Walker Library, is reviewing options to increase usage and elevate profile of the Library and extending open hours on the weekend.
  • The FY22/23 Capital Outlay request project, Kirksey Old Main and Rutledge Hall Renovations, has been included in Governor Bill Lee’s FY22/23 recommended budget. This $54,300,000 project includes comprehensive renovations to both KOM and Rutledge Hall. If the TN General Assembly approves this budget item, this project will commence in July 2022.
  • Jones College of Business is working on a pilot program to accomplish a significant increase in EXL courses.
  • Conduct a review of current social media and messaging efforts, with a goal of improving communication to students, on-campus, and off-campus.
  • The Marketing and Communications staff have been enhancing social media and messaging in line with yield management efforts.
  • DNJ has adopted “MTSU Mondays” and True Blue TV and events streaming are being expanded.
  • Jones College “Lifelong Learning” Series continues.