Summer 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Final exams for summer are normally scheduled during the last day of scheduled classes for any given part of term. The dates below are assuming the class is meeting on a standard time. Consult your syllabus for your course's official final exam day.

Part of Term Exam Day
1 - Full Term  August 7 - 9
S3A - 3-Week A Term June 7
S3B - 3-Week B Term June 28
S3C - 3-Week C Term July 19
S3D - 3-Week D Term August 9
S5A - 5-Week A Term June 27 - 28 
S5B - 5-Week B Term August 8 - 9
S6A - 6-Week A Term June 27 - 28
S6B - 6-Week B Term August 8 - 9


Distance Learning Classes: Some distance learning courses require students to attend meetings or exams on the main campus. Check PipelineMT to find out if your MTSU online or remote course has any meetings or proctored exams.