GEP Curriculum

Professional Development Curriculum

Year 1:  GEP faculty participate in a series of progressive professional development workshops throughout all three years of the program.  The curriculum presents opportunities for self-directed learning, group instruction, peer-to-peer experiential learning and exchange, personalized staff support, and collaborative seminars to develop the members’ knowledge of grant writing, faculty engagement in sponsored programs, and career development.  The overall goal of the professional development is the creation of a 10-year Professional Development Plan. 

Tentative Professional Development Schedule for 2019-2020


To view the Professional Development Plan template, please click here.

Grant Writing Curriculum

Year 2:  The grant writing portion of the curriculum provides participants with the tools necessary to find, apply for, win, and manage federal, foundation, and corporate funding.  The curriculum addresses the overall strategic plan for writing grants including development of a needs statement, mission, goals, objectives, activities, evaluation, key personnel, and budgets with the end goal of transforming ideas into fundable projects or research.  The fundamental goal of the grant writing curriculum is the development of one or more grant-winning proposals.  

Award Management Curriculum

Year 3:  The GEP program offers faculty an opportunity to better understand and facilitate the award management process of grant administration.  This portion of the curriculum will guide faculty through the lifecycle of an award to ensure effective management.  Trainings will cover award acceptance, roles and responsibilities, uniform guidance overview, sub-award, budget, personnel, procurement, travel, reporting requirements, and closeout.   The central goal of the award management curriculum is an understanding of the process and successful closeout of a sponsored program. 

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