Fifth Year Interim Report Committee

Called committee, charged by Dr. McPhee to operate for two years.

This committee will prepare the required narratives and supporting materials for compliance with SACSCOC-mandated standards, including the QEP Impact Report. The committee is charged to:

  • Establish and maintain a timeline for submission of all required materials to SACSCOC by March 1, 2022
  • Review all required SACSCOC Fifth-Year standards and related SACSCOC policies
  • Determine how the University complies with the required SACSCOC standards and policies for continuous quality improvement
  • Identify gaps or compliance concerns and recommend actions needed to resolve those issues
  • Organize and support site visits to new off-campus instructional sites
  • Prepare draft narratives and gather supporting evidence required for each component of the Fifth-Year Interim Report
  • Establish internal and external peer review processes to ensure quality, accuracy, and integrity
  • Communicate the significance of the Fifth-Year Interim Report and provide regular updates to University constituencies

Fifth-Year Interim Report Committee Members

Dr. Mark Byrnes, University Provost, Chair
Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle, Associate Provost and SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison*
Dr. Nita Brooks, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Dr. Cheryl Torsney, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Ms. Becky Cole, Associate Vice President for Academic Resources
Mr. Chris Brewer, Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research
Mr. John Burchfield, Director, Finance and Administration, University College*
Dr. Peggy Carpenter, Assistant Dean, University College
Dr. Vincent Windrow, Associate Vice Provost of Student Success
Ms. Layne Bryant, Online and Distance Education Resource Manager, University College
Ms. Sarah Sudak, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students*
Dr. Laurie Witherow, Associate Vice Provost for Admissions and Enrollment Services
Ms. Susan Fieldhouse, Registrar
Mr. Stephen White, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Ms. Gené Stephens, Assistant Vice President, Office of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management*
Mr. Joe Whitefield, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Services Department
Mr. Tom Wallace, Associate Vice President, IT Projects and Portfolio Management*
Dr. Dianna Rust, University Studies Department and Chair, MT Engage Leadership Team
Dr. Julie Myatt, Director, MT Engage

*denotes unit coordinators

Ms. Allison McGoffin, Assistant to the University Provost
Ms. Sylvia Collins, Director of Data Management and Institutional Research
Ms. Lisa Bass, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Internal Editor
Dr. Philip Phillips, Associate Dean, University Honors College