The primary goal of the tutorial program is to provide student-athletes with academic assistance beyond what they receive in the classroom. Tutor appointments may be scheduled during the normal SAEC hours. Tutors are available during required study sessions in the afternoon and evening for scheduled appointments or walk-ins. Tutoring is available to all student-athletes on any subject. Following the tutoring session each tutor submits a report to the academic counselor on the student-athletes preparedness, comprehension, objectives met and future objective to be achieved.


The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide individualized academic support and assistance for student-athletes, assisting them in their transition to the university, developing their study skills, time management skills, and helping them to achieve academic success.

The mentor's duties include:

  • working with a student-athlete on a daily basis
  • providing guidance in their course work
  • helping the student-athlete develop academic goals
  • develop a time management plan
  • develop strong study habits
  • develop and hone academic skills