Dean's Letter

Dean FischerA building does not make a program or a college. What makes a program or a college is outstanding faculty, staff, and curriculum. Our college is committed to offering students a high-quality education; opportunities in innovative programs such as study abroad, internships, and undergraduate research; and invitations to engage in service on campus and in the community, regardless of
 what building we are housed within. That said, I am incredibly excited about this
 new building. It is a state-of-the-art science building and an outstanding learning environment for our students, where high-quality teaching and research are already happening.

Research is critical to the mission of the University and to the economic and social development of society. Research is intertwined with teaching, and it may be the best kind of teaching—students personally mentored in research projects. These opportunities create learning environments that foster creativity, produce strong analytical and leadership skills, and offer the student valuable hands-on experiences and essential skills for the future, ultimately creating productive and influential members of society. That’s all happening inside this building today.

MTSU is a thriving, innovative research community. Now it includes excellent facilities to support faculty and students. In this new building, research in areas such as botanical medicine, among many other specialties, is making MTSU an emerging leader in research and graduate education in Tennessee.

As proud as I am of the ever-higher levels of research being conducted, I am equally proud of the outstanding teaching happening in our college, which benefits the more than 13,000 students who enroll annually in biology, chemistry, and other science courses. Our instructional emphasis includes a mammoth effort in recent years to redesign how we structure and deliver General Education courses in the college. With much effort and painstaking faculty review, these courses have been overhauled to increase attendance, engagement, and eventual success. Such efforts are perfectly aligned with President McPhee’s Quest for Student Success, the Tennessee General Assembly’s Complete College Act, and Gov. Bill Haslam’s Drive to 55.

From this thorough rethinking of course design to the opening of this new building to the many other efforts and initiatives underway in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at MTSU, we really mean it when we say, “We are True Blue!”

Bud Fischer


College of Basic and Applied Sciences


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