Those Who Can, Teach


Research is critical to MTSU’s mission and
is also critical to the economic and social development of society. Often overlooked, however, is that research is intertwined with teaching.

In fact, it may be the best type of teaching, where a student is personally mentored on a research project. It 
is in these situations where MTSU creates learning environments that foster creativity, produce strong analytical and leadership skills, and provide students with valuable hands-on experiences and an essential skill set for the future—ultimately making alumni productive and influential members of society. All of this is happening on a daily basis in the new Science Building.

Concurrently, MTSU’s instructional emphasis
has recently included a mammoth undertaking
 to redesign how the University structures and delivers some General Education courses in which too many students were struggling. With much effort and painstaking faculty review, these courses have been overhauled in an effort to increase attendance, engagement, and eventual success.

At the heart of course redesigns in the College of Basic & Applied Sciences is sound pedagogical practice that shifts the nature of the teaching/learning enterprise—making it more active and learner-centered, with the primary goal of changing passive note-takers into active learners in order to enhance their chances for success.

Science has moved from a primarily discipline-specific approach to an increasingly collaborative, interdisciplinary team-based philosophy; and as such, this new building’s design concept is organized to best accommodate the way faculty and students now work in groups, for both courses and research.

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