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The Signature Events Committee would love to hear suggestions for artists/comedians from students on who they want to see on campus. While we cannot guarantee your suggestion will be contracted to perform, we will do our best to research requests in order to find the best fit for the student body. The committee wants to hear your voice, so fill out the form at our Suggest an Artist page by clicking here. Your input could help shape the next big show on campus!

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Blackbear & Lil Yachty

In 2018, Signature Events Committee was proud to present our first co-headlined concert! This year's featured artists were Blackbear and Lil Yachty. Click below to learn more about each of the headliners!

  BlackbearLil Yachty

About Signature Events Comittee

In April of 2014, the MTSU community voted to pass the 546 referendum to gradually increase student activity fees with the vision of strengthening activities on our campus. Forming the Signature Events Committee is one of the major steps towards revitalizing campus entertainment. The committee is dedicated to bringing large-scale musicians and comedians back to campus. MTSU has hosted a rich history of artists at Murphy Center including everything from Elvis Presley to Kanye West. With the new funding, the committee's goal is to bring higher calibur artists than campus has seen in recent years and return the magic to Murphy Center. 

The Signature Events Committee is comprised of members from SPARE and Student Government Association. To become eligible for selection to the Signature Events Committee, you will need to become an active member of either organization. Each organization has separate selection processes; please contact either area for more information.