Department of Sociology and Anthropology Alumni Listing


Employment Data for Alumni Responding to an Alumni Survey
Name Company TITLE Degree and GRAD YEAR

Richard Fisher 


Writing and research

B.S. Anthropology 2020

Jacob Dennis

Ngenius Tutoing and Test Prep


B.A. Anthropology 2019

Hanna Newcomb Free for Life International Busineess and Programs Assistant B.S. Anthropology 2019
Phattra Marbang Seeking employment   M.A. Sociology 2019
Alana Blonder BayCare Health Systems Genetic Counseling Asssistant B.S. Anthropology 2019

Jordan Nickell

Tennessee General Assembly

Legislative Bill Clerk

Degree Program 2019

Erinne Smith

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Research Assistant

M.A. Sociology 2019

Holly Aslinger

University of Illinois Chicago

Teaching Assistant

B.S. Anthropology 2018

Emily George

MTSU- Fullerton Laboratory for Spatial Technology GIS tech B.A. Anthropology

Alena Johnston

Propio Language Services Russian Interpreter B.A. Sociology 2018

Alicia Wray

 Not Stated  

HR Manager

B.A. Sociology 2018 
Jessica Woodlee  Dhruti Hospitality  Front Office Manager B.S. Sociology 2018
Christina Scarlet Franklin Walgreens Certified Pharmacy Technician (CphT) B.S. Sociology 2018
Mary Catherine De La Torre Tennessee Wesleyan University Adjunct Professor of Sociology M.A. Sociology 2018


Eva Kibe-Pea

Illinois Army National Guard  

Industrial Hygiene Technician

M.A. Sociology 2018
Huey Davis Trevecca Nazarene University Director of Institutional Research M.A. Sociology 2018
Nicole Cook Tennessee Tech University Instructor of Sociology M.A. Sociology 2018

Haley Parchman

Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, INC.

HR Specialist


B.S. Sociology 2017

Heather Rowland Rutherford County Government

Assistant Director of Quality Assurance

B.S. Sociology 2017
Hanna Counts MTSU Graduate Assistant B.S. Sociology 2017
MD Belal Hossain Oklahoma State University Graduate Teaching Associate M.A. Sociology 2017
Skyela Roberts Not Stated Research Technician B.S. Anthropology 2016

Jennifer Gero Mckinley-Reams

Veterans Affairs



B.S. Sociology 2016

Tiffany Phillips Motlow State Community College Research Technician B.S. Sociology 2016
 Jayme Stevens  Not Stated  Tutor

B.S. Sociology 2016

Michelle Lynn Estes

Oklahoma State University

Graduate Research Assistant

M.A. Sociology 2016

Daphne Bunch Stringer MEIKO MSA Coordinator M.A. Sociology 2016
Jayme Stevens Not Stated  Tutor B.S. Sociology 2016
Joan Crenshaw     M.S. Anthropology 2015
Jade Carter Edgenert Solutions Analyst B.S. Anthropology 2015
Natalie Foster  

Morgan & Morgan Atlanta, PLLC


Litigation Attorney

B.S. Anthropology 2015
Aron Stosberg Self-employed Driver B.S. Sociology 2015
Courtney Barnicoat Self Employed Bookkeeper M.A. Sociology 2014

Sarah Poss

First Freedom Bank

Office Manager & Marketing Officer

B.S. Anthropology 2014
Josh Bicknell Marshall Country Schools Technology Support Specialist B.S. Anthropology 2014
Carey Buchanan Florida Hospital Medical Social Worker B.A. Sociology 2014
Markita Scott

Nissan North America

Executive Referral Manager B.A. Sociology 2014
Rachel Tyree Ironworkers Internation Union Field Researcher B.S. Anthropology 2014
Alla Chernenko University of Utah Graduate Assistant M.A. Sociology 2014
Barbara Hansen University of Alabama Birmingham Research Assistant M.A. Sociology 2014
Michael Ryan Gruber Walgreens Sales Associate B.A. Anthropology 2013
Shelby Bray Huntsville City Schools Elementary School Teacher B.S. Sociology 2013
Heather Meshell

Capitol and 5th Public Strategies and Heather Meshell Law

Senior associate (lobbyist) and attorney

B.S. Sociology 2013
Mark Crawford Amistad National Recreation Area Archaeologist Technician B.S. Anthropology 2013
Jerry Gonzalez Law Office of Jerry Gonzalez Attorney M.A. Sociology 2013
Ginger Levinson Seeking Employment   B.S. Sociology 2013
Jeffrey Mack Seeking Employment   B.S. Sociology 2013
Lisa Walker Court of Appeals of Maryland Judicial Law Clerk M.A. Sociology 2013
Jamie Fuston Volunteer State Community College Assistant Proffesor M.A. Sociology 2012

Kisha Ledlow

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Texas System of Care Project Director

M.A. Sociology 2012
Lauren Norman Delta State University Assistant Professor M.A. Sociology 2012
Brittini Smith Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program Case Manager B.S. Sociology 2012

Kelly L. Chase

FL Department of Environmental Protection

Historic Preservationist

B.S. Anthropology 2012



Washington State University

PhD Candidate, Dissertation Year Fellow

B.S. Anthropology 2011
Mary Hunt Family & Children's Service Program Coordinator B.A. Sociology 2011

Rhea Foote Piffier

DoStuff Media

Content & Audience Growth Manager

B.S. Sociology 2011

Emily Johnson World Relief Program Coordinator B.S. Anthropology 2011
Amanda Kaiser Ascend Management Innovations Quality Coordinator M.A. Sociology 2011
Tara Perrin Tennessee Tech University Instructional Designer M.A. Sociology 2011
Sherry Hill 22nd District Attorney's Office Victim Assistance Coordinator M.A. Sociology 2010

Sheila Florida Younglove

Griffin Law Group, PLLC

Senior Associate Attorney

B.S. Sociology 2010

Jaimie Ide 


Office of Archaeological Research at the University of Alabama

Cultural Resource Specialist B.S. Anthropology 2010

Sarah Visocky

Fresenius Kidney Care North America

Master of Clinical Nutrition, Registered and Licensed Dietitian

B.S. Anthropology 2010
Mistina Brown Monroe County Schools School Psychologist B.S. Sociology 2009
Waylon Bryant

Voluntarily unemployed

  B.S. Sociology 2009

Erika Irvine 


Director of Intellectual Disability Services

B.S. Sociology 2009
Angela Mullin Sallie Mae Bank Analyst M.A. Sociology 2009

Amanda Watson Peterson

Wounded Warrior Project


Senior Researcher

M.A. Sociology 2009
Teresa Smith Self-employed Attorney B.S. Sociology 2009
Joshua Smotherman Self-employed Songwriter/Producer/Writer B.S. Anthropology 2009
Ana Rodriguez Rooftop Nashville Program Manager B.S. Sociology 2008
Keith Barnes TN Commission on Aging & Disability Aging Nutrition Program Director B.A. Sociology 2007
Jessica Lendon National Center for Health Statistics Associate Fellow M.A. Sociology 2007
Bibor Szabo Columbia State Community College Adjunct Instructor M.A. Sociology 2007
Jill Cooper Voluntarily Unemployed    M.A. Sociology 2006
Sirena Bragg Department of Children's Services Program Manager M.A. Sociology 2006
Lauren Grisham Antique Archaeology Manager B.S. Anthropology 2006
Karen Austin MTSU Advisor M.A. Sociology 2005
Jayme Buckley City of Arcata Director Bayside Park Community Farm B.S. Sociology 2005
Jesse Cottrell Dominion Due Diligence Group Program Manager B.S. Anthropology 2005
Jeff Ingram The New Teacher Project Data & Technology Associate B.S. Anthropology 2005
Stanley Lacy Tennessee Department of Health Administrative Servcies Assistant 3 M.A. Sociology 2005
Hilary Daugherty State of Tennessee   B.S. Anthropology 2004
Rebecca Fields Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency Family Service Coordinator B.S. Anthropology 2004
Jessica Hamm HH Better Life Mental Health Therapist B.S. Sociology 2004
Sarah Alexander Voluntarily Unemployed   B.S. Anthropology 2002
Burley Grimes Myriad Media Producer B.S. Anthropology 2002
Chris Holmes Nashville Public Schools PK-4 Administrator B.S. Sociology 2002
Heather Cannon Advantage Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Coordinator B.A. Sociology 2001
Michelle Kroft Self-employed Architectural Historian B.S. Anthropology 2001
Christopher Massengale ProQuest LLC Purchasing B.S. Sociology 2001
Josh Adams ACA International Director of Research B.S. Sociology 2000
Dan Allen IV Self-employed Staff Archaeologist/Lead Conservator B.S. Anthropology 1999
Tina Deshotels Jacksonville State University Assistant Professor M.A. Sociology 1998
Connie Spurlock Southern Illinois University Associate Professor M.A. Sociology 1998
Deronda Wheeler New Mexico Community College & Highlands University Adjunct Instructor M.A. Sociology 1998
Karen Brown SA Swallowing Services, PLLC SLP, TN Certified Endoscopist B.S. Sociology 1997
Phillip Hodge State of Tennessee (TDOT) Environmental Studies Supervisor Archaeology B.S. Anthropology 1997
Brent Hales University of Minnesota Sr. Associate Dean, College of Extension M.A. Sociology 1996
Lisa Klarer Rutherford County Government Youth Services Officer B.S. Sociology 1996
Sheila Taylor Community Health Systems Sr. Therapist/Supervisor B.S. Sociology 1994
Christina Beard-Moose Suffolk County Community College Professor B.A. Anthropology 1993
Hilary Finchum Seoul National University Associate Professor B.S. Anthropology 1992
Terrell Hayes High Point University Associate Professor M.A. Sociology 1990
Steve Adams Metro Development & Housing Agency Human Resources Director M.A. Sociology 1989
Steve Hice TN Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development Case Manager B.S. Sociology 1976
Gaham Baker Self-employed Attorney M.A. Sociology 1974
Deborah Cobb State of Alabama Licensed Servcie SW B.S. Sociology 1974
Donald Baldwin Voluntarily Unemployed   B.S. Sociology 1973
Terry Denniston University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chief of Staff B.S. Sociology 1971
Lionel Simms TRC Solutions Consultant B.S. Sociology 1971
David DeLong Retired   B.S. Sociology 1969
Steve Cates Retired   M.A. Sociology 1968
Carolyn Perrucci Purdue University Professor B.S. Sociology 1961
Ed Porterfield Retired   B.S. Sociology 1960
Don Clark Retired   B.S. Sociology 1956
Helen Emery Voluntarily Unemployed   M.A. Sociology