Scholars Week Annual Speech Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can participate?
    1. Any current MTSU student can apply to the competition.
  2. Are there any other limitations to participants?
    1. You must be currently enrolled or have already taken COMM 2200 through MTSU.
  3. What is required to be submitted with the application?
    1. The outline for your speech needs to be emailed with the application.
  4. Why do I need to submit an outline?
    1. Finalists are expected to deliver the same speech as they did in their video submission with only minimal changes during the live final round. The outlines are being collected for verification purposes (i.e. topic, sources, speech design, etc.) and to ensure originality. Outlines will not count as part of the competition, but will be used to help students remain on the same topic and protect academic integrity.
  5. What type of delivery is expected?
    1.  Students are expected to use an extemporaneous delivery method.
  6. What type of speech can be submitted?
    1.  The contest is for persuasive speeches.
  7. What is the speech time limit?
    1. Speeches should be between 6 and 8 minutes in length.
  8. Are there any specifics the judges are looking for in the speeches and the speech topics?
    1. The judges are looking for persuasive speeches that contain solid reasoning and evidence in their arguments (sources, speech designs, etc.). There are copies of the textbook on reserve at the MTSU library if you need to reference one for speech designs.
    2. Click HERE to see the official judging rubric.
  9.  Is there a dress code?
    1. Finalists are encouraged to dress in business professional attire for the live competition.
  10.  Can I use visual aids for the speech?
    1. Visual aids are allowed, but textbook guidelines for visual aids should be followed. Books are on reserve at the library if you need to review those guidelines, which include limiting the number of aids, keep them simple, and only showing visual aids while speaking about them during the speech.
  11. When is the deadline for submitting an application to participate?
    1. The deadline for submitting application with outline and video is Feb. 16th.
      Click HERE to download the application.
      Submit your application to
    2. Finalists will be notified through MTMail two weeks in advance of the competition.
  12. When is the competition?
    1. The final competition (top 5 speakers chosen by committee) will deliver speeches live during Scholars Week on Wednesday, April 1st at 4:00 p.m. in Todd Hall room 204.