Brighton Beach Memoirs



Eugene ..........Jay Mullens*
Blanche..........Megan Castleberry*
Kate..........Cindy Fox*
Laurie..........Amanda Pratt*
Nora..........Sheridan Hitchcox
Stanley..........Cody Hartman*
Jack.......... Johnathan Carter*

Artistic Staff

Director..........Courtney Coppa*
Assistant Directors..........Tera Alexander*
Scenic Designer........ Mike Tsaltas*
Assistant Scenic Designer........ Donvan Hughes*
Costume Designer........ Christie Craig
Lighting Designer........ Megan Inmon*


Production Staff

Stage Manager........ Justin Dixon*
Assistant Stage Managers........ Matthew Phillips*, Parkey Chase*
Production Manager........ Justin Reed
Technical Director........ Alex Riggs*
Master Carpenter........ Jay Mullens*
Scenic Studio Staff........ Parker Chase*, Megan Inmon*
Stage Management Faculty Advisor........ Kate Goodwin
Costume Studio Coordinator........ Trish Clark
Costume Studio Manager........ Amy Hipp
Wardrobe Crew........ Members of Alpha Psi Omega
Properties Master........ Sarah Bolek
Lighting Faculty Advisor........ Darren E. Levin+
Master Electrician........ Brian Elliott
Lighting Board Operator........Christian Potts*
Sound Engineer........ Elijah Whitney
Box Office Manager........ Benjamin Spurlock*
Marketing Coordinator........ Megan Castleberry*

*Memebers of Alpha Psi Omega
+Members of United Scenic Artists 829


Student Bios

jay Jay Mullens (Eugene Morris Jerome) is a senior theatre major at MTSU. He has been in several shows here at MTSU including Dog Sees God (CB), West Side Story (Snowboy), Almost, Maine (Phil/Steve), and Peter Pan (Twin 1). He has also been working year round in the shop as a carpenter for every show since his freshman year. Finally, Jay serves as president for APO, the theatre honors society on campus. He is incredibly thankful for all who have supported him and helped get him here. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Megan Castleberry (Blanche Morton) is a senior theatre major. She has been in previous productions including A Streetcar Named Desire (Stella), West Side Story (Teresita), and Almost,Maine (Ginette/Sandrine). "It's amazing how quickly you recover from misery when someone offers you ice cream."

amandaAmanda Pratt (Laurie Morton) is a junior Theatre Education major here at MTSU. She has been involved in several other MTSU shows including Peter Pan (Tiger Lily), West Side Story (Velma), Walking in Sunlight (Traveling Stage Manager), and the Spring Dance Concert 2017. She is so thankful to have the opportunity to work on this show! 

courtneyCourtney Coppa (Director) is a Super Senior Theatre Major with a focus in Directing. At MTSU she has had the opportunity to direct Gruesome Playground Injuries, and Ordinary Days. She has also been able to work as assistant director on Kafka's Metamorphosis and worked at The Goodman Theatre as assistant director to The Magic Play. She'd like to thank her cast, crew, and design team for bringing this show alive, as well as the faculty here at MTSU for sharing her into the theatre artist she is today. And of course, she thanks her family for their endless support. 

Justin Dixon (Stage Manager) is a Junior Theatre Major with focus in Stage Management. He has worked on multiple shows here at MTSU including; West Side Story, Peter Pan, Next to Normal, and A Streetcar Named Desire. Justin would like to think his family for all their love and support, and he would also like to think the Three Musketeers for their friendship. Enjoy the show!

Johnathan Carter (Jack Jerome) is a senior theatre major at MTSU. His academic focus lies within performance, but he intends to pursue a career in combat, both stage and film, voice acting, and in stage performance. HIs previous credits with MTSU include Kafka’s Metamorphosis (Father), Peter Pan (Starkey), and La Cage Aux Folles (Renaud). He just finished a contract with “Unto These Hills” Outdoor Drama (Perry Overfield). Johnathan is ecstatic to be working on Brighton Beach with such talented and amazing people. He would like to thank all the trips to Taco Bell™; for it was those meals that gave him the energy needed to conquer all obstacles.

Sheridan Hitchcox (Nora Morton) is a junior transfer student from Volunteer State Community College majoring in theatre. Some of her favorite shows have been A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck), Dracula (Lucy Westenra), Anne of Green Gables (Anne Shirley), Diary of Adam and Eve the Musical (Eve), and Fame! The Musical (Serena Katz). She wants to thank her amazing and marvelous cast and crew for welcoming her with open arms onto this project of bringing the timeless story of Brighton Beach Memoirs to life.

Cody Hartman (Stanley Jerome) is a senior theatre major with a focus in directing and acting. Some of his previous credits as an actor inlcude Alice Meets Dorothy, Servant of Two Masters, Land of Ma, and Plaza Suite. He would like to thank his dogs for being the sweetest.

cindyCindy Fox (Kate Jerome) is a senior theatre major who transfered to MTSU from Volunteer State Community College. This is Cindy's first show here at MTSU! "This is a dream I've had since lunch, I'm not giving it up now."

teraTera Alexander (Assistant Director) is a Super Senior here at MTSU majoring in Theatre. Her most recent shows in Tucker Theatre include Assistant Stage Manager for Kafka's Metamorphosis and acting in the touring show Walking In Sunlight. She would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her through these past years and always listening to her jokes.

parkerParker Chase (Assistant Stage Manager) is a junior at MTSU. She may have been seen on stage, but she loves to help behind the scenes in shows such as Next to Normal (Assistant Lighting Designer), Metamorphosis (Scenic Paint/ Props), and A Streetcar Named Desire (Scenic Paint). She wants to thank MTSU's Theatre and Dance department for all the opportunities that have been provided to her.

christianChristian Potts (Run Crew/ Light Board Op) is currently in his second year at MTSU. He first seen in the MTSU Theatre and Dance program for Walking in Sunlight: The Life and Legacy of Uncle Dave Macon (Stage Manager). Since then he has worked on Peter Pan (Assistant Stage Manager), Next to Normal (Assistant Stage Manager), and Gruesome Playground Injuries (Stage Manager). He would like to thank Stage Door Productions in Memphis, TN for their continuous support and love for him and all of the opportunities he has been given! He hopes you are ready to sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful show!!

matthewMatthew Phillips (Assistant Stage Manager) is honored to have seen this show go from initial casting to performance. In the past year he's also been involved with Peter Pan, Next to Normal, and Kafka's Metamorphoses in both on-stage and off-stage roles. This show has been such a good way to start the year!

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