Transfer Equivalencies

There are 19 transfer equivalencies on file for Northwstrn College LA

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
BUS 200 Principles of Marketing MKT ELLD LD:Principles of Marketing
BUS 201 Principles of Management MGMT ELLD LD:Principles of Management
BUS 210 New Venture Innovation ENTR 2900 Entrepreneurship
CEY 210 Foundtions of Practical Theol RS ELLD LD:Foundations of Practical Th
CEY 330 Special Topics in CE/YM RS ELUD UD:Special Topics in CE/YM
CSC 120 Bus Data Analysis/Spreadshts DATA 1500 Introduction to Data Science
EDU 102 Foundations of Education EESE 2010 Introduction to Education
HIS 120 Hist Persp:Search for Useful P HIST ELLD LD:HP:Search for Useful Past
HIS 210 Introduction to Public History HIST ELLD LD:Intro to Public History
KIN 182 Intro to Sport Management PHED ELLD LD:Intro to Sport Management
KIN 229 Leadershp in Sport Management PHED ELLD LD:Leadership in Sport Mgmt
KIN 300 Coaching Methods ATHC ELUD UD:Coaching Methods
MAT 117 Applied Statistics for Mgmnt MATH ELLD LD:Applied Statistics for Mgmn
NWC 101 FYS:Speak/Writing in Community ELEC ELLD LD:FYS:Speak/Writing in Commun
PSY 221 Developmental Psych-Childhood PSY ELLD LD:Developmental Psych-Childhd
REL 150 Christian Story I:Biblical Tra RS ELLD LD:Christian Story I:Biblical
REL 250 Christian Story II:Theolog Trd RS ELLD LD:Christian Story II:Theol Tr
SPA 101 Beg Spanish Language & Culture SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102 Beg Spanish Language & Cltr SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II