Transfer Equivalencies

There are 43 transfer equivalencies on file for Chicago State University

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ANTH 0101 Intro to Anthropolog ANTH ELLD LD: Intro to Anthropolog
ART 0101 Intro to Visual Art ART ELLD LD: Intro to Visual Art
ART 1100 Int to Visual Arts ART ELLD LD:Int to Visual Arts
BIOL 0108 Bi Sci Survey BIOL ELLD LD: Bi Sci Survey
BIOL 0114 Human Heredity BIOL ELLD LD: Human Heredity
BIOL 0240 Genetics BIOL 3250 Genetics
BIOL 1080 Bi Sci Survey II BIOL ELLD LD:Bi Sci Survey II
CMAT 1000 CMAT Orientation ELEC ELLD LD:CMAT Orientation
CMAT 2030 Basic Speech Commun COMM ELLD LD:Basic Speech Commun
CMAT 2120 Radio Production EMC ELLD LD:Radio Production
CPTR 0105 Int Data Process CSCI ELLD LD: Int Data Process
ENG 0126 Intro Literature ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
ENG 0127 Composition I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 0128 Composition II ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 1230 Writers' Workshop I ENGL ELLD LD:Writers' Workshop I
ENG 1270 Composition I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
FREN 0101 Elem French I FREN 1010 Elementary French I
FRSE 1500 ST:FRSE Portfolio ELEC ELLD LD:ST:FRSE Portfolio
GEOG 0101 Man and Environment PGEO 1030 Physical Geography
HIST 0271 Afro Am US Sc 1619 HIST 2050 Surv African American Hist II
HIST 1310 US Hist Since 1877 HIST 2020 Survey United States Hist II
MATH 0101 Basic Math MATH ELLD LD: Basic Math
MATH 0104 Intro College Math MATH ELLD LD: Intro College Math
MATH 1040 Math Data Sci 1 MATH ELLD LD:Math Data Sci 1
MATH 1200 College Algebra MATH ELLD LD:College Algebra
MGMT 1045 Intro to Entrepreneur ENTR 2900 Entrepreneurship
MI S 1010 Foundtn of Officership MS ELLD LD:Foundtn of Officership
MI S 1510 Physical Readiness I MS ELLD LD:Physical Readiness I
MKTG 0276 Prin of Marketing MKT 3820 Principles of Marketing
PE 0117 Tennis PHED 1040 Beginning Tennis
PHIL 1030 Critical Thinking PHIL 2110 Elem Logic Critical Thinking
POL 0101 Amer Natl Govt PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
PSYC 0141 Intro to Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSYC 0213 Psy Birth Old Age PSY 2300 Developmental Psychology
READ 0101 College Read Tech READ ELLD LD: College Read Tech
SOC 0101 Intro to Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 1250 Diversity US Soc SOC ELLD LD:Diversity US Soc
SPAN 0101 Elem Spanish I SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 0102 Elem Spanish II SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 1010 Elem Spanish I SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I
SPCH 0203 Basic Speech Comm COMM 2200 Audience-Centered Comm
SPCH 0204 Intro Theatre THEA 1030 Introduction to Theatre