Transfer Equivalencies

There are 195 transfer equivalencies on file for Black Hawk College Moline

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ACCT 0101 Prin of Acct ACTG 2110 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 0102 Prin of Acct II ACTG 2120 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT 0103 Acct Lab ACTG ELLD LD: Acct Lab
AG 0101 Intro Ag Seminar AGRI ELLD LD: Intro Ag Seminar
AG 0102 Ag Work Exper Semina AGRI ELLD LD: Ag Work Exper Semina
AG 0109 Horse Science Work E HORS ELLD LD: Horse Science Work E
AG 0123 Agricultural Math PLSO ELLD LD: Agricultural Math
AG 0125 Computer In Agri AGRI ELLD LD: Computer In Agri
AG 0142 Animal Nutrition ANSC ELLD LD: Animal Nutrition
AG 0151 Horse Production & M HORS ELLD LD: Horse Production & M
AG 0154 Horse Equipment & Fa HORS ELLD LD: Horse Equipment & Fa
AG 0158 Horse Evaluation I HORS ELLD LD: Horse Evaluation I
AG 0159 Horse Evaluation 2 HORS ELLD LD: Horse Evaluation 2
AG 0161 Prin/Mthd of Stock S ANSC ELLD LD: Prin/Mthd of Stock S
AG 0167 Fund of Horse Handli HORS ELLD LD: Fund of Horse Handli
AG 0200 Horse Show Team HORS ELLD LD: Horse Show Team
AG 0211 Ag Salesmenship AGRI ELLD LD: Ag Salesmenship
AG 0225 Computer Applic In A AGRI ELLD LD: Computer Applic In A
AG 0232 Forage Crops PLSO 4310 Forage Crops
AG 0253 Horse Health Care HORS ELLD LD: Horse Health Care
AG 0254 Stable Mgmt HORS ELLD LD: Stable Mgmt
AG 0262 Prin & Mthd English AGRI ELLD LD: Prin & Mthd English
AG 0263 Methods Teaching Hor AGED ELLD LD: Methods Teaching Hor
AG 0264 Adv Horse Training HORS ELLD LD: Adv Horse Training
AG 0266 Horse Show Prep HORS ELLD LD: Horse Show Prep
AG 0267 Farrier Science HORS ELLD LD: Farrier Science
AG 0281 Agri Economics AGBS ELLD LD: Agri Economics
AG 0285 Animal Science ANSC 1410 Introduction to Animal Science
ANTH 0102 Cultural Anth ANTH 2010 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 101 Intro to Physical Anthropology ANTH ELLD LD:Intro to Physical Anthropol
ARCH 0203 Intro to Archaeology ANTH ELLD LD: Intro to Archaeology
ART 0100 Art Appreciation ART 1030 Art Appreciation
ART 101 2-Dimensional Design ART 1610 2-Dimensional Design
ASTR 0102 Descriptive Astr ASTR 1030 Exploring the Universe
BA 0110 Intro Business BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BIOL 0101 Gen Human Biology BIOL ELLD LD:Gen Human Biology
BIOL 0105 General Biology BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIOL 0106 General Biology II BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIOL 0120 Nutrition NFS 1240 Intro to Nutrition & Wellness
BIOL 0145 Anatomy - Physiology I BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIOL 0150 Medical Terminology BIOL ELLD LD: Medical Terminology
BIOL 0201 Environmental Biol BIOL ELLD LD: Environmental Biol
BIOL 100 Intro to Biology BIOL 1030 Exploring Life
BIOL 146 Anatomy - Physiology II BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BL 0201 Business Law BLAW ELLD LD:Business Law
BUSN 110 Intro to Business BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
BUSN 116 Business Relations BCED ELLD LD: Business Relations
BUSN 215 Personal Investing FIN ELLD LD:Personal Investing
BUSN 240 Principles of Management MGMT ELLD LD:Principles of Management
CES 0100 College Experience ELEC ELLD LD:College Experience
CHEM 010101 General Chemistry CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
CHEM 0102 General Chemistry II CHEM 1120 General Chemistry II
CHEM 0110 Intro to Chem CHEM 1010 Intro General Chemistry I
CIP 0103 Intro to Microcomput INFS 2200 Introduction to Microcomputing
CS 0100 Intro to Computers CSCI 1150 Computer Orientation
CS 0121 Intro to Computer Sc CSCI ELLD LD: Intro to Computer Sc
CS 210 Intro to Educational Computing CSCI ELLD LD:Intro to Educational Comput
EC 0250 IBEW Apprenticeship ET ELLD LD:IBEW Apprenticeship
EC 0255 IBEW Apprenticeship ET ELLD LD:IBEW Apprenticeship
ECON 0221 Prin of Econ ECON 2410 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 022201 Prin of Econ ECON 2420 Principles of Microeconomics
EDUC 235 Clinical Observation in Educ MUED ELLD LD:Clinical Observation in Edu
ENG 0091 Writing Fundamentals II DSPW ELLD LD: Writing Fundamentals II
ENG 0101 Composition ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 0102 Composition II ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 0103 College Reading Skil READ ELLD LD: College Reading Skil
ENG 0190 Intro Literature ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
ENG 0214 American Literature ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
ENG 0218 Latin Am Literature ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
ENG 0240 Children's Lit ENGL ELLD LD: Children's Lit
ENG 100 Academic Writing Conventions ENGL ELLD LD:Academic Writing Convention
ENG 250 Film as Literature ENGL ELLD LD:Film as Literature
EQ 0101 Intro Equine Semina HORS ELLD LD: Intro Equine Semina
EQ 0102 Horse Sci Wk Exp Se HORS ELLD LD: Horse Sci Wk Exp Se
EQ 0109 Horse Sci Wk Experi HORS ELLD LD: Horse Sci Wk Experi
EQ 0151 Horse Prod & Mgmt HORS ELLD LD: Horse Prod & Mgmt
EQ 0154 Horse Equip & Facil HORS ELLD LD: Horse Equip & Facil
EQ 0158 Horse Evaluation I HORS ELLD LD: Horse Evaluation I
EQ 0159 Horse Evaluation II HORS ELLD LD: Horse Evaluation II
EQ 0161 Prin/Mthd Stock Sea ANSC ELLD LD: Prin/Mthd Stock Sea
EQ 0167 Fund Horse Handling HORS ELLD LD: Fund Horse Handling
EQ 0168 Horsemanship Lesson HORS 2110 Basic Horsemanship
EQ 0201 Adv Horse Sci Wk Ex HORS ELLD LD: Adv Horse Sci Wk Ex
EQ 0209 Adv Horse Sci Work HORS ELLD LD: Adv Horse Sci Work
EQ 0253 Horse Health Care HORS ELLD LD: Horse Health Care
EQ 0254 Stable Management HORS ELLD LD: Stable Management
EQ 0258 Horse Eval III HORS ELLD LD: Horse Eval III
EQ 0259 Horse Eval IV HORS ELLD LD: Horse Eval IV
EQ 0262 Prin & Mthd Engl Eq HORS ELLD LD: Prin & Mthd Engl Eq
EQ 0263 Mthd Teaching Horse HORS ELLD LD: Mthd Teaching Horse
EQ 0264 Adv Horse Train & D HORS ELLD LD: Adv Horse Train & D
EQ 0266 Horse Show Prep & M HORS ELLD LD: Horse Show Prep & M
EQ 0267 Farrier Sciences HORS ELLD LD: Farrier Sciences
EQ 0268 Intermed Horse Trai HORS ELLD LD: Intermed Horse Trai
GEOG 0105 Intro Regional GEOG 2000 Intro to Regional Geography
GEOL 0102 Historical Geology GEOL 1050 Historical Geology
GOV 0251 Am National Govt PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
HEAL 102 Foundations of Wellness HLTH 1530 Health and Wellness
HEP 0143 Aerobics I PHED 1180 Aerobic Walking
HIM 252 Pharmacology Terminology HLTH ELLD LD:Pharmacology Terminology
HIM 254 Law Liability & Medical Ethics HLTH ELLD LD::Law Liabiity & Medical Eth
HIST 0102 Western Civ II HIST 1020 Survey Western Civilization II
HIST 0120 The Ancient World HIST ELLD LD: The Ancient World
HIST 0251 US to 1865 HIST 2010 Survey United States History I
HIST 0252 Hist of US Since HIST 2020 Survey United States Hist II
HONR 200 Honors Seminar UH ELLD LD:Honors Seminar
HONR 205 Honors Independent Study UH ELLD LD:Honors Independent Study
HPE 0120 Baseball PHED ACTY Physical Activity
HPE 0125 Physical Fitness I PHED ACTY Physical Activity-Degree Audit
HPE 0155 Weight Training PHED 1200 Beginning Weight Training
HPE 0200 First Aid HLTH ELLD LD: First Aid
HPE 0260 Phys Educ Grades I- PHED ELLD LD: Phys Educ Grades I-
HPE 212 Introduction to Phys Ed PHED ACTY Introduction to Phys Ed
HUM 101 Humanities I HUM ELLD LD:Humanities I
JOUR 0230 Newspaper Productio JOUR ELLD LD: Newspaper Productio
JOUR 221 Intro to Mass Communication JOUR ELLD LD:Intro to Mass Communication
MATH 0080 Basic Math DSPM ELLD LD: Basic Math
MATH 0092 Math Literacy I DSPM ELLD LD:Math Literacy I
MATH 0094 Math Literacy II DSPM ELLD LD:Math Literacy II
MATH 0100 Math For Gen MATH 1010 Math for General Studies
MATH 0101 Interm Algebra MATH ELLD LD: Interm Algebra
MATH 0108 Statistics MATH ELLD LD:Statistics
MATH 0112 College Algebra MATH 1710 College Algebra
MATH 0116 Trigonometry MATH ELLD LD: Trigonometry
MATH 0124 Calculus I with Analytic Geo MATH 1910 Calculus I
MATH 013101 Finite Mathematics MATH 1630 Coll Math Mgrl Social Life Sci
MATH 0225 Calculus II With Ana MATH 1920 Calculus II
MATH 074 Arithmetic DSPM ELLD LD:Arithmetic
MATH 078 Pre-Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Pre-Algebra
MATH 081 Basic Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Basic Algebra
MATH 086 Fundamentals of Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Fundamentals of Algebra
MATH 091 Intermediate Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Intermediate Algebra
MATH 110 Math for General Education MATH ELLD LD:Math for General Education
MATH 200 Math for Elementary Tchers II MATH ELLD LD:Math for Elem Teachers II
MUSC 0102 Jazz Ensemble MUEN 3400 Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 0107 Choir MUEN 3200 Concert Chorale
MUSC 0110 Fund Music MUS ELLD LD:Fund Music
MUSC 0111 Theory of Music MUTH ELLD LD:Theory of Music
MUSC 0112 Theory of Music MUTH ELLD LD:Theory of Music
MUSC 0113 Exploring Music Literature MUHL ELLD LD:Exploring Music Lit
MUSC 0114 Class Piano I MUS 1530 Class Piano I
MUSC 0116 Class Piano II MUS 1540 Class Piano II
MUSC 0121 Elem Voice MUS ELLD LD:Elem Voice
MUSC 0123 Elem Piano MUAP 2351 Private Instruction Piano
MUSC 0127 Piano MUS ELLD LD:Piano
MUSC 0211 Theory of Music MUTH ELLD LD:Theory of Music
MUSC 0212 Theory of Music MUTH ELLD LD:Theory of Music
MUSC 0214 Electronic Music MUS ELLD LD:Electronic Music
MUSC 0215 Electronic Music II MUS ELLD LD:Electronic Music II
MUSC 0227 Piano MUS ELLD LD:Piano
MUSC 125 Voice MUAP 2371 Private Instruction Voice
MUSC 154 Music Appreciation MUS 1030 Introduction to Music
MUSC 158 Intro to Non-Western Music MUS ELLD LD:Intro to Non-Western Music
MUSC 207 Music for Young Children MUED ELLD LD:Music for Young Children
NA 0100 Basic Nurse Assist Training NURS ELLD LD: Basic Nurse Assist Train
NSCI 0102 Environmental Science II ENVS ELLD LD:Environmental Science II
NSCI 101 Environmental Science I ENVS 2810 Intro to Environmental Science
NSCI 102 Environmental Science II EST ELLD LD:Environmental Science II
PE 125 Physical Fitness I PHED ELLD LD:Physical Fitness I
PHIL 0100 Logic PHIL 2110 Elem Logic Critical Thinking
PHIL 0101 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 103 Ethics PHIL ELLD LD:Ethics
PHYS 0101 College Physics I PHYS ELLD LD: College Physics I
POLS 101 Intro to Political Science PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
POLS 251 American National Government PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
PS 101 Intro to Physical Science PSCI 1030 Topics in Physical Science
PSYC 0101 Intro Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSYC 0105 Career Exploration HSC ELLD LD: Career Exploration
PSYC 0200 Human Growth & Development PSY 2300 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 0219 Understanding Human PSY ELLD LD: Understanding Human
PSYC 230 Social Psychology PSY ELLD Social Psychology
PTA 100 Introduction to PTA ELEC ELLD LD:Introduction to PTA
PTA 113 Physical Agents I ELEC ELLD LD:Physical Agents I
PTA 201 Kinesiology ELEC ELLD LD:Kinesiology
PTA 202 Physical Rehabilita Techniques ELEC ELLD LD:Physical Rehab Techniques
PTA 203 Pathology ELEC ELLD LD:Pathology
PTA 204 Practicum I ELEC ELLD LD:Practicum I
PTA 207 Therapeutic Massage ELEC ELLD LD:Therapeutic Massage
REA 103 Advanced Academic Reading READ ELLD LD:Adv Academic Reading
SOC 0100 Prin of Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 0101 Prin Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 222 Introduction to Social Work SW 2570 Introduction to Social Work
SOC 250 Minority Relations SOC ELLD LD:Minority Relations
SOC 264 Social Psychology of Aging SOC ELLD LD:Social Psych of Aging
SPAN 0101 Elem Spanish SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 0102 Elementary Spanish II SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 0201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 0202 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
SPEC 0101 Principles of Speech Communica COMM 2200 Audience-Centered Comm
SPEC 111 Business & Professional Comm BCED ELLD LD:Business & Professional Com
SPEC 114 Interpersonal Communication COMM 2300 Interpersonal Communication
SPEC 175 Intercultural Communications COMM 2560 Intercultural Communication
SPEE 0101 Fund of Human Comm COMM 2200 Audience-Centered Comm
THEA 0111 Intro to Theater THEA 1030 Introduction to Theatre
TV 212 Hist & Apprec of Motion Pictur EMC ELLD LD:Hist & Apprec of Motion Pic