Transfer Equivalencies

There are 92 transfer equivalencies on file for Essex County College

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ACC 0101 Prin of Accounting I Financial ACTG ELLD LD:Prin of Acct I Financial
ACC 0202 Intermediate Accounting II ACTG ELLD LD:Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 0231 Federal Taxation ACTG ELLD LD:Federal Taxation
ARB 0101 Elem Arabic FL ELLD LD: Elem Arabic
ART 0100 Art Appreciation ART 1030 Art Appreciation
BIO 0101 College Biology I BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIO 0102 College Biology II BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIO 0103 General Biology I BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIO 0104 General Biology II BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIO 0121 Anatomy Phys I BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIO 0122 Anatomy Phys II BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BUS 0251 Business Law I BLAW ELLD LD:Business Law I
BUS 101 Business Org & Mgmt BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
CFM 0076 Comput Found Math DSPM ELLD LD: Comput Found Math
CFM 0077 Study Skills Math DSPM ELLD LD: Study Skills Math
CHM 0101 Chemistry I CHEM ELLD LD:Chemistry I
CIS 0107 Computer Literacy CSCI 1150 Computer Orientation
CIS 0131 Micro Computers in Business CSCI ELLD LD:Micro Computers in Business
CJI 101 Intro to Criminal Justice CJA 1100 Intro Criminal Justice Admin
DHY 0100 Clin Dental Hygiene ELEC ELLD LD:Clin Dental Hygiene
DHY 0101 Oral Anatomy ELEC ELLD LD:Oral Anatomy
DHY 0102 Dental Radiology ELEC ELLD LD:Dental Radiology
DHY 0103 Clin Dental Hygiene I ELEC ELLD LD:Clin Dental Hygiene I
DHY 0104 Clinical Services I ELEC ELLD LD:Clinical Services I
DHY 0105 Head & Neck Anatomy ELEC ELLD LD:Head & Neck Anatomy
DHY 0106 Nutrition ELEC ELLD LD:Nutrition
DHY 0107 Oral Embriol & Hist ELEC ELLD LD:Oral Embriol & Hist
DHY 0108 Perspectives I ELEC ELLD LD:Perspectives I
DHY 0109 Perspectives II ELEC ELLD LD:Perspectives II
DHY 0110 E Med Emergencies ELEC ELLD LD:E Med Emergencies
DHY 0200 Oral Pathology ELEC ELLD LD:Oral Pathology
DHY 0201 Periodontology ELEC ELLD LD:Periodontology
DHY 0202 Clin Dental Hyg II ELEC ELLD LD:Clin Dental Hyg II
DHY 0203 Clinical Services II ELEC ELLD LD:Clinical Services II
DHY 0204 Dental Health Ed ELEC ELLD LD:Dental Health Ed
DHY 0205 Dental Materials ELEC ELLD LD:Dental Materials
DHY 0206 Clinical Dent Hyg III ELEC ELLD LD:Clinical Dent Hyg III
DHY 0207 Clinical Serv III ELEC ELLD LD:Clinical Serv III
DHY 0208 Dhe & Cdh Practicum ELEC ELLD LD:Dhe & Cdh Practicum
DHY 0209 Pharmacology ELEC ELLD LD:Pharmacology
DHY 0210 Trans Function ELEC ELLD LD:Trans Function
DHY 0211 Periodontology II ELEC ELLD LD:Periodontology II
DHY 0212 Perspectives III ELEC ELLD LD:Perspectives III
DHY 0213 Dhe Cdh Seminar ELEC ELLD LD:Dhe Cdh Seminar
DHY 0214 Perspectives IV ELEC ELLD LD:Perspectives IV
ECO 0102 Principles of Economics II ECON 2420 Principles of Microeconomics
EDU 0101 Intro to Edu FOED ELLD LD: Intro to Edu
ENG 0096 English Found I DSPW ELLD LD: English Found I
ENG 0097 English Found II DSPW ELLD LD: English Found II
ENG 0101 College Comp I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 0102 College Comp II ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 0109 Effective Speech COMM ELLD LD:Effective Speech
ENG 0169 Creative Writing ENGL ELLD LD: Creative Writing
ENG 0237 Survey of Afro-American Lit ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
HLT 0101 Healthful Living HLTH 1530 Health and Wellness
HST 0101 World Civilization I HIST 1120 Survey World Civilization II
HST 021101 Afro American Hist HIST 2040 Surv African American Hist I
HST 021201 Afro Amer History I HIST 2050 Surv African American Hist II
HST 121 African Amer History I HIST 2040 Surv African American Hist I
HST 122 African American History II HIST 2050 Surv African American Hist II
MTH 0084 Intro Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Intro Algebra
MTH 0086 Introductory Algebra DSPM 0700 Basic Mathematics
MTH 009101 Elem Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Elem Algebra
MTH 0094 Elem Algebra DSPM ELLD LD: Elem Algebra
MTH 009901 Inter Algebra II DSPM ELLD LD: Inter Algebra II
MTH 0113 College Algebra with Trig MATH ELLD LD:College Algebra with Trig
MTH 0119 Pre-Calculus I MATH 1710 College Algebra
MTH 0120 Pre-Calculus II MATH 1720 Plane Trigonometry
MTH 0127 Basic Calculus MATH 1730 Pre-Calculus
MTH 100 Intro to College Mathematics MATH ELLD LD:Intro to College Mathematic
MUS 0105 Musicianship MUS ELLD LD: Musicianship
MUS 0106 Musicianship II MUS ELLD LD: Musicianship II
MUS 0131 Keyboard Class I MUS ELLD LD: Keyboard Class I
MUS 0132 Keyboard Class II MUS ELLD LD: Keyboard Class II
MUS 0171 Applied Perf Area I MUAP ELLD LD: Applied Perf Area I
MUS 0172 Applied Perf Area II MUAP ELLD LD: Applied Perf Area II
OPH 201 Ophthalmic Dispensing I ELEC ELLD LD:Ophthalmic Dispensing I
OPH 202 Opthalmic Dispensing II ELEC ELLD LD:Opthalmic Dispensing II
OPH 203 Contact Lenses I ELEC ELLD LD:Contact Lenses I
OPH 204 Contact Lenses II ELEC ELLD LD:Contact Lenses II
OPH 210 Principles of Refraction I ELEC ELLD LD:Prin of Refraction I
OPH 273 Supervised Clin Instruction ELEC ELLD LD:Supervised Clin Instruction
PHE 0115 First Aid PHED ELLD LD:First Aid
PHY 0101 College Physics I PHYS 2011 Physics Problems Laboratory I
PHY 111 Theory of Optics PHYS 2021 Physics Problems Lab II
PSY 010101 General Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSY 010201 General Psych II PSY 1420 Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 232 Human Sexuality PSY ELLD LD:Human Sexuality
RDG 0093 E Lrng Strategies DSPS ELLD LD: E Lrng Strategies
RDG 0096 Reading Found DSPR ELLD LD: Reading Found
RDG 0097 Vocabulary Found DSPR ELLD LD: Vocabulary Found
SOC 0101 Intro to Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology