Transfer Equivalencies

There are 55 transfer equivalencies on file for Univ Pittsburgh Bradford

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ACCT 201 Financial Accounting Concepts ACTG 2110 Principles of Accounting I
ART 101 Drawing 1 ART 1620 Drawing I
ART 109 Mural Design ART ELLD LD:Mural Design
BIOL 0105 Anat & Physio BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIOL 112 Human Biology BIOL 1030 Exploring Life
BIOL 202 Microbiol for Allied Hlth Prof BIOL ELLD LD:Microbiol for Allied Hlth P
BIOL 212 Human Anat & Phys I BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIOL 213 Human Anat & Phys 2 BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 222 Human Anat & Phys Lab I BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy Physiology I
BIOL 223 Human Anat & Phys Lab 2 BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
CHEM 187 Drugs and Society CHEM ELLD LD:Drugs and Society
CHEM 89 Concepts of Chemistry CHEM 1010 Intro General Chemistry I
COMM 0215 Bollywood ELEC ELLD LD:Bollywood
ECON 0112 Tourism ECON ELLD LD:Tourism
ECON 101 Economics in the Modern World ECON ELLD LD:Economics in Mdrn World
EDUC 0204 Intro to Education EESE 2010 Introduction to Education
EDUC 0215 English Lang Learners ELED ELLD LD:English Lang Learners
EDUC 0220 Special Educ Law SPED ELLD LD:Special Educ Law
EDUC 0225 Developing Child ELED ELLD LD:Developing Child
EDUC 0230 Family & Comm Rel FCSE ELLD LD:Family Comm Rel
EDUC 0235 Instructional Design ELED ELLD LD:Instructional Design
EDUC 0255 Readings Childrens Lit ELED ELLD LD:Readings Childrens Lit
ENG 0099 Eng Cmp Library Wrk ELEC ELLD LD: Eng Cmp Library Wrk
ENG 0100 Intro College Comp ENGL ELLD LD:Intro College Comp
ENG 0101 English Comp I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 0102 English Comp II ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 103 Introduction to Poetry ENGL ELLD LD:Introduction to Poetry
ENG 215 The Bible as Literature ENGL 2020 Themes in Literature & Culture
FS 0102 Freshman Seminar ELEC ELLD LD:Freshman Seminar
HIST 0106 US History I HIST 2010 Survey United States History I
HIST 0107 US History II HIST 2020 Survey United States Hist II
HIST 205 The US in the 1930's HIST ELLD LD:The US in the 1930's
MATH 0097 College Algebra I DSPM ELLD LD:College Algebra I
MATH 0098 College Algebra II MATH 1710 College Algebra
MATH 110 Fundamentals of Mathematics MATH ELLD LD:Fund of Mathematics
MATH 133 Statistics MATH ELLD LD:Statistics
NROSCI 0081 Drugs and Behavior PSY ELLD LD:Drugs and Behavior
NUR 0101 Orientation to Nurs NURS ELLD LD: Orientation to Nurs
NUR 0102 Fund of Nursing I NURS ELLD LD: Fund of Nursing I
NUR 106 Succeeding in Nursing Educ NURS ELLD LD:Succeeding in Nursing Educ
NUR 109 Clinical Calculations NURS ELLD LD:Clinical Calculations
NUR 111 Fundamentals of Nursing NURS ELLD LD:Fundamentals of Nursing
NUR 112 Comprehensive Nursing I NURS ELLD LD:Comprehensive Nursing I
NUR 113 Pharmacology in Nursing NURS ELLD LD:Pharmacology in Nursing
PEDC 0126 Volleyball PHED 2270 Beginning Volleyball
PEDC 108 Phys Cond/Weight Training I PHED 1200 Beginning Weight Training
PEDC 190 Varsity Sports PHED ACTY Varsity Sports
PHIL 103 Philosophy of Religion PHIL ELLD LD:Philosophy of Religion
PSY 0101 Intro Psychology PSY 1410 General Psychology
PSY 0505 Intro to Biopsychology PSY ELLD LD:Intro to Biopsychology
PSY 203 Social Psychology PSY ELLD LD:Social Psychology
PSY 206 Abnormal Psychology PSY ELLD LD:Abnormal Psychology
PSY 207 Professional Seminar in Psy PSY ELLD LD:Professional Seminar in Psy
SOC 0101 Intro Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I