Transfer Equivalencies

There are 23 transfer equivalencies on file for Sul Ross State University

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ASTR 1401 Descriptive Astronom ASTR 1030 Exploring the Universe
ASTR 1401 Descriptive Astronom and ASTR 1031 Observing the Universe
BA 3306 Prin Management MGMT ELUD UD:Prin Management
BIOL 1402 General Zoology BIOL 1120 General Biology II
CJ 1305 Crime In America CJA ELLD LD: Crime In America
COMM 1303 Intro to Communication COMM 2200 Audience-Centered Comm
ECO 4304 International Econ ECON ELUD UD:International Econ
ENG 1301 Comp & Rhetoric I ENGL 1010 Expository Writing
ENG 1302 Composition & Rhetoric ENGL 1020 Research and Arg Writing
ENG 3311 Children's Literature ENGL 3740 Children's Literature
GBA 1350 Intro to Business BCED 1400 Introduction to Business
HIST 1301 History of US to 187 HIST 2010 Survey United States History I
MATH 1301 Intro to Univ Math MATH 1010 Math for General Studies
MATH 1302 Intermediate Algebra DSPM ELLD LD:Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1310 Intro to Univ Math MATH ELLD LD: Intro to Univ Math
PE 1150 Wellness Fitness As PHED ELLD LD: Wellness Fitness As
PE 1153 Indivdual Activities PHED ELLD LD: Indivdual Activities
PE 1302 Safety & First Aid PHED ELLD LD: Safety & First Aid
PE 2101 Intercoll Activities PHED ACTY Physical Activity-Degree Audit
PS 2301 Federal Government PS 1005 Intro to American Politics
PS 2302 State Government PS ELLD LD:State Government
SOC 2303 Intro to Sociology SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
THEA 1301 Acting I THEA 1015 Acting I