Transfer Equivalencies

There are 13 transfer equivalencies on file for Bennington College

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
ART 000101 Intro to Studio Art ART ELLD LD: Intro to Studio Art
ART 000201 Graphic Arts Studio ART ELLD LD: Graphic Arts Studio
BLMU 000101 Keyboard Harmony MUS ELLD LD: Keyboard Harmony
LIT 000101 Simple Literacy & H ENGL ELLD LD: Simple Literacy & H
LIT 000201 Poetic Drama & Dram ENGL ELLD LD: Poetic Drama & Dram
MUSI 000101 Music I With Guitar MUS ELLD LD: Music I With Guitar
MUSI 000201 Piano Inprovisation MUS ELLD LD: Piano Inprovisation
MUSI 000301 Motet Choir MUS ELLD LD: Motet Choir
MUSI 000401 Basic Flute MUS ELLD LD: Basic Flute
PSYC 000101 Intro to Social Psy PSY ELLD LD: Intro to Social Psy
PSYC 000201 Visual Perception PSY ELLD LD: Visual Perception
PSYC 000301 Socialization PSY ELLD LD: Socialization
SOSC 000101 From Hobbes to Marx SOC ELLD LD: From Hobbes to Marx