What It Means to Be True Blue

True Blue

MTSU is a community committed to learning, growth, and service. We hold these values dear, and there’s a simple phrase that conveys them:  “I am True Blue.” New students at convocation take the True Blue Pledge. It underscores our core values of honesty and integrityrespect for diversityengagement in the community; and committing to reason, not violence. These words express not only the ideals the University wishes to share with its students but also our devotion to student success.


🎉 2021 - Join Us In Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of True Blue! 🎉


True Blue 10th Anniversary Awards

 Main ContentThe Campus Non-Violence Committee will recognize up to five (5) student organization events between Aug. 23, 2021, and April 8, 2022, incorporating a combination of imagery, themes and values that best reflect, inform and engage the campus about the True Blue Pledge. Selected events will receive a $500 cash prize and recognition from the University.

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