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Broadcast Services

Name Title Department Email Phone
Ty Whitaker Senior Manager True Blue TV 615-898-2899
Melbra Simmons Media Office Coordinator True Blue TV 615-898-2740

Event Productions


Title Department Email Phone
Robert Mogensen
Director  Event Productions 615-898-2872
Ronson Wolf Assistant Director Event Productions 615-898-2872
Chelsea Hyland
Project Coordinator
True Blue TV Operations 615-898-2872
Ed Arning
Market Development Director
Marketing and Communications 615-898-5381

Out of the Blue TV Show

Name Title Department Email Phone
Joe Poe Producer Marketing and Communications 615-898-2920
Jon Jackson Director Center for Educational Media 615-904-8110

Executive Management

Name Title Department Email Phone
David Foster

Senior Director, True Blue TV Operations

True Blue TV Operations 615-898-5033
Andrew Oppmann

Executive Producer, True Blue TV

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications 615-494-7800


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