c-measureCenter of Methodology, Evaluation, and Applied Statistics for University Research and Education

The C-MEASURE mission is to promote and facilitate the research activities for MTSU faculty, staff, and graduate students. We focus on providing consulting services in statistical analysis and study design in publications and grant proposals. We also provide consulting service to external researchers and organizations in program evaluation and data analysis.

C-MEASURE Services

C-MEASURE provides consulting services in areas such as grant writing/development, program evaluation, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, research methods, study design, and workshops/seminars on selected topics. Examples of services include, but not limited to:

  • Research team on internal/external grants
  • External evaluation team on internal/external grants
  • Quantitative/qualitative analysis on individual projects
  • Training workshops (e.g., study design/methodology on selected programs)
  • Invited speakers from funding agencies regarding funding opportunities

The C-MEASURE team consists of a group of faculty members with areas of expertise in program evaluation, grant writing, educational measurement, advanced statistical modeling, research/study design, etc.  


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