2023 TN STEM Innovation Summit: Presentation

Sumner County - Ben Bruce


Overall Creek Elementary - Alison Norton

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Hub June 6, 2023

Inquiry-based learning isn't just another buzz phrase - it's a proven teaching method that encourages students to explore real-world problems and think critically through investigation. This workshop will cover the theory and application of inquiry-based learning through both student and teacher perspectives.


 Hub June 6, 2023

Do you find yourself being dragged through scripted lesson plans that lack fun? Are students walking into your class in a fog of noninterest? Well, it's time to SPIKE your lessons with CS & Robotics!!! As we all know, TN will be implementing Elementary CS standards in 2024/2025, so why not get a jump on it? Best news....you get to KEEP your Spike Essential Robotics kit to be added to your awesome classroom!

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