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Welcome to MTSU Online Faculty Services!  The mission of Distance Education is to provide quality academic instruction to a geographically dispersed student population.  The Distance Education vision is to provide learning experiences through technology-driven outreach.

As more students choose online courses, the need for additional, qualified, faculty online course developers and instructors increases dramatically.  Many faculty prefer teaching in this environment because it has been found to be "an established and effective method for extending educational opportunities." 254 MTSU Distance Education Policy  Teaching online also provides: 

  • schedule flexibility;
  • access to a wider demographic range of students;
  • knowledge to stay abreast of technologies and methodologies.

We hope you will join your colleagues in providing educational opportunities and access to students who may otherwise be unable to complete their degrees.  The staff at MTSU Online is here to assist you.  Please review this website, call Carol Hayes at 615/898-5332, or email her at for additional information.

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