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MTSU offers undergraduate and graduate courses at several off-campus locations in the Middle Tennessee region. In off-campus courses, students meet face-to-face with an MTSU instructor at the off-campus location. In videoconferencing, courses are taught from the main MTSU campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and are transmitted "live" to one or more distant sites. The instructor and students interact with each other through television cameras, television monitors and microphones to enable real-time interaction between sites.

Off-campus and videoconferencing courses follow the university Academic Calendar and Tuition/Fees and Refund Schedule. University admissions procedures must be followed before registering for these and other distance learning courses. An admissions application ( undergraduate or graduate) may be completed online and, upon admittance to the university, students may register for courses online via PipelineMT. Off-campus students are encouraged to review the online resources available to them.

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