A withdrawal or drop of any kind can impact financial aid, housing, meal plans, and future academic plans. Be sure to reach out to MT One Stop prior to dropping or withdrawing from classes. Financial aid may be adjusted at any point during the semester based on attendance reporting and withdrawing. Refer to the university’s policy on withdrawals by clicking here

Select from the menu on the left-hand side for information about withdrawing from the university entirely, dropping some classes (but not all), non-attendance reporting, fee adjustments, and extenuating circumstance withdrawals.

  • If you are pursuing Incompletes (a grade of I), please refer to your instructor(s) and that department. Incompletes are not issued, initiated or changed by the MT One Stop. The decision to award an Incomplete is at the discretion of each instructor and their departmental policies.
  • Changing an Incomplete to a Withdrawal after a grade is awarded will then require documentation of an extenuating circumstance and approval of that instructor. 
  • A Change of Grade Form cannot be used to change a grade to a "W."