Meditative Artwork: Zentangle Workshop for Faculty and Staff

Fall 2021

348, James E. Walker Library (LIB)

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Zentangle Adventures - Not Just for Artists

Zentangle is sometimes called Meditative Artwork. Because it consists of only four strokes, anyone can do it, and it is impossible to make a mistake. There are several benefits from practicing this type of drawing: from increased focus to improved creativity.  You can do it for yourself and never show another person.  The benefits are in the creation, not in the production of an ideal product.  The goal is to branch out and explore.  This is especially for those persons who consider themselves non-creative and non-artistic, but everyone can participate and enjoy. Required supplies: White or Tan paper (preferably Artist Tiles), Pencil, and Micron Marker. Topics to be covered are a brief history of the method, basic patterns, and sources for growing your new hobby.  We will begin drawing immediately, and you will finish the time with a completed work.

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