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AMP Reads - Generation We: The Power and Promise of Gen Z


Advisor Mastery Program (AMP) Reading Group (formerly iShare)

Each semester will focus on one specific text, and the reading will be broken into four manageable portions. Everyone is welcome to participate. Reading groups will be capped at a certain number of participants to better facilitate discussion, so it is possible that there will be multiple zoom reading discussions running at once. Each reading session is worth 1 point.

More Details

Chapters 11, 12 and the Conclusion should be read for this session.

Generation We:  The Power and Promise of Gen Z

There are moments when the normal flow of time catches, hesitates, and shifts direction.

2020 was one of these moments.

Now, at this critical juncture, a new generation is coming of age and demanding a reckoning: Generation Z. Three billion strong, they’re at the center of the most pivotal issues of our time, from reimagining how we live on our changing planet to enacting a new mandate for racial equity. The following decade will bring unparalleled change, with Zs shaping the path ahead.

This generation has a voice—and force—that’s united, unprecedented, and still unacknowledged.

In Generation We, cultural and generational expert AnneMarie Hayek joins forces with thousands of Zs to tell their powerful story—one that impacts all of us. From new ideas on capitalism, politics, and climate change to education, gender, race, and work, AnneMarie explains how Gen Z thinks, what they envision, and why we should be hopeful. Zs are not naïve idealists. They’re hardened realists with a bold vision for how we can transition, re-create, and progress. Generation We is your invitation to see the future they will create as it’s unfolding.


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