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This project involves the Departments of Communication Studies, the Charlie Daniels Military and Family Center, Aerospace and Textiles, Merchandising and Design as well as community partners such as Borderless Arts Tennessee, Werner Military Museum, CAF Music City, Wings Remembered, and the US Embassy in Belgium.  All of these groups have come together to pay tribute to the 80th anniversary of the WWII Battle of the Bulge.  MTSU students are getting the opportunity to use classroom skills to learn and be a part of history.  In this session, you will learn what led to this program, how the students are involved and the anticipated results of the project.


2:30 – 2:50 Lori Kissinger Overview

Lori Kissinger will provide the background of why this project was developed, the partners that are involved and the student involvement.  She will explain the State and International implications of the project. 

2:50-3:00 Lauren Rudd

Lauren Rudd is a Professor in Textiles, Merchandising and Design.  She has assisted with several projects in the past.  For this project, she will be leading Borderless Arts participants and MTSU students in making a Quilt of Valor.

3:00 – 3:10 Alexandra Aguilar and Anthony Wheeler

Comm 3250 – These students will discuss their experience with the Water Warriors project that feeds into the WWII Theme.  Alexandra has also taken over as President of a student organization that is involved in this project called, Ambassadors of Borderless Arts.          

3:10 – 3:30 Kailey Droke (Code Breakers), Titlilope Ellis (Nose Art), Rebecca Noll and Jay Wright (Airplanes), Amaya White (Ghost Armies). 

Comm 2200 – Students will share what they did, how they did it and what they learned from their group projects that feed into the WWII theme.


3:30- 3:35 Peyton Fontenot and Ryan Taylor

Peyton is an Aerospace student who will be sharing information about the airplane nose art project.  He will explain what he and other aerospace students did and where the nose art will go from here. 

 3:35- 3:40 Destiny Washington

Destiny is a former Comm 3250 students. She will explain what she learned about grant writing, why she decided to serve as an intern this semester and what she is learning.

 3:40 Lori Kissinger – Wrap-up and open for questions

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