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AMP Reads - Student Success 2.0


Advisor Mastery Program (AMP) Reading Group (formerly iShare)

Each semester will focus on one specific text, and the reading will be broken into four manageable portions. Everyone is welcome to participate. Reading groups will be capped at a certain number of participants to better facilitate discussion, so it is possible that there will be multiple zoom reading discussions running at once. Each reading session is worth 1 point.

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Student Success 2.0 - Future U Podcast

How do you engage learners in the post-pandemic age? Hosts Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn are joined by Carrie Bartek, from Wake Technical Community College, and Randi Harris, from Portland State University, to ask some important questions: What has changed for students since the pandemic? And what needs to change moving forward to ensure students’ success? They consider the evolving landscape of higher education and the importance of addressing both the immediate and long-term needs of students to ensure their success in this new educational paradigm. The episode is sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Held via Zoom.

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