Blue Spark

Our club aims to grow entrepreneurship activities at MTSU.  We have the following 2 objectives:   

  1. Raise entrepreneurship awareness among students and faculty.
  • Promote all types of entrepreneurship including lifestyle business, small business, main street business, scalable tech business, and social enterprises.
  • Encourage exploration of career opportunities both as entrepreneurs and as early employees in startups.


  1. Help student and faculty entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas into viable businesses.
  • Provide workshops, working sessions, and mentorship along the full entrepreneurship journey.
  • Help students with the Business Plan Competition.
  • Connect student and faculty entrepreneurs with startup ecosystems.


We have many activities planned for Spring 2017.  We would love to have your participation. Join us at

We would also like your feedback on tentative events so that we can better prioritize our planning. Email us at


Launch Meetings  

Relevant for students who want to participate in the business plan competition or just want to develop their business concept. 


  • Saturdays 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, BAS S326
  • Group working sessions to help you refine your business concept
  • Uses lean startup method and business model canvas
  • Meetings follow a progression but you can drop in as needed    





Lean startup basics

Jan 28

Participants introduce themselves.

Explain how Launch meetings will work.

Introduce lean startup method and business model canvas

To Do - come up with up to 3 business ideas


Feb 11

Describe business ideas.

Map out problem, customer, value proposition and solution.

Identify list of assumptions.  

To Do - online market research and pitch idea for feedback

Business Model

v 1

Feb 18

Review market research and adjust problem, customer, value proposition and solution.

Propose options for rest of business model.

To Do - prepare business profile

Profile Review

Feb 21

Quick review of business profiles


Feb 23

Business Plan Competition - 1st submission

Validation Plan

Feb 25

Generate list of unknowns and assumptions, their priority and discuss how they can be validated.  

If prototypes are needed, use workshop training to build them.

To Do - Build prototype/presentation, pitch to recruit team members

Validation round 1

(users and clients)

Mar 4

Review most urgent items to validate.  

Come up with and rehearse script including prepare audience, introduce idea, list of questions and follow-ons.  

To Do - Interview 3-10 users or clients.  

Business Model

v 2

Mar 11

Discuss interview outcomes and implication on business model.  

Update prototype/presentation/script for future interviews.

Prepare draft pitch deck and business plan.  

To Do - Continue interviews, pitch rehearsal 1

Slide Preparation

Mar 18

Discuss interview outcomes and implication on business model.
Review current slide deck and discuss improvements.  

Review business plan and discuss improvements.  

To Do - Continue interviews, pitch rehearsal 2

Pitch Preparation

Mar 25

Discuss interview outcomes and implication on business model.

Review pitch content and discuss improvements.

Rehearse Q&A strategies.  

To Do - Submit business plan and participate in pitch competition.


Mar 29

Business Plan Competition - 2nd submission & elevator pitch

Validation round 2 (all stakeholders)

April 8

Revise validation to remaining assumptions which should focus on competitive advantage, revenue model, cost structure, etc.

Discuss learning from mentors and update business model.

To Do - Interview 3-5 stakeholders.  

Business Model

v 3

April 15

Discuss interview outcomes and implication on business model.

Review business plan and discuss improvements.

Review final presentation and discuss improvements.  

To Do - Submit final business plan and finalize presentation.


April 18

Business Plan Competition - Final submission

Presentation Rehearsal

April 22

Rehearse presentation and Q&A strategies.

Discuss future plans.

Discuss transition into summer activities.

To Do - Attend competition.


April 25

Business Plan Competition - Final presentation



Pitch Sessions

Great opportunities for future entrepreneurs to practice pitching in front of crowds.  These sessions are on select days from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at Student Union 1st floor.     




Idea Tester

Feb 16

3-5 minutes. Present basics of a business idea. Get feedback from fellow students.  Get good at talking about the idea.  

Calling Team Members

Mar 1

3-5 minutes.  Present the business idea and what expertise is missing. Start dialogue with interested students.

Rehearsal 1

Mar 15

Try out the pitch for the business plan competition.  See what content worked and what needs improvement.

Rehearsal 2

Mar 21

Try out the revised pitch. Build confidence and practice presentation delivery skills.  


Incubator Tours

Get connected with more mature startup ecosystems.  Aside from learning about their resources and support, also get inspired by entrepreneurs who are recent grads.  These tours are all day and transportation is provided.   



Destinations and Events

Huntsville AL

Feb 24

BizTech, Hudson Alpha

Chattanooga TN



Chamber of Commerce Business Incubator, Co.Lab, Lamp Post Gr.

Nashville TN



Nashville Entrepreneurship Centre, Jumpstart Foundry, Startup Week



There are lots of tools to make an entrepreneur’s life easier.  Learn what they are and why you need them.    

  • 3D printing for prototyping physical products,
  • Tools to mock up software,
  • Basic animation tools to explain business concept,
  • Project management tools,
  • Marketing tools,
  • Client relation management tools, etc.