Who may apply?

Anyone with a passion to write and a commitment to improve their craft. This program is NOT exclusive to current MTSU students; in fact it is designed for adults who are seeking to further a specific writing goal or project at their own pace.

How long is the full program?

The program spans over three sessions that roughly coincide with MTSU's fall, spring, and summer semesters. Sessions need not be sequential; students can complete the program at their own pace. Students may also re-enroll for single sessions (after the completion of the program) for additional time with a professional.

Will I earn college credit?

MTSU Write is a non-degree project of Middle Tennessee State University's English department and hence does not offer any college credit.

May I transfer courses from another university and receive credit?

The MTSU Write program focuses on work completed while in the program. Course credit and work produced elsewhere are not transferable.

Does MTSU Write accept financial aid or offer scholarships?

Because we are a not for credit program, MTSU Write is not eligible to accept financial aid payments. We do not currently offer scholarships for the program.

If I am already working on a writing project, a novel or nonfiction work for example, can I continue to work on it in the program?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Students often enter the program with either an idea in mind or a rough manuscript in hand, and we are only too happy to help you produce a complete manuscript. Many of our students continue to enroll in MTSU Write in order to enlist the help of faculty in project after project.

Do I retain the rights to any material created while in MTSU Write?

Yes. Everything you write belongs to you.

Questions or Comments

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