Multimedia Composition Center

The Multimedia Composition Center (MCC) specializes in helping you prepare for projects beyond the text like speeches, poster presentations, video or audio assignments, digital assignments, and more.

When you visit the MCC, a Multimedia Specialist will talk with you about your composing process and help you brainstorm, revise, or troubleshoot works-in-progress. Multimedia Specialists will respond as your audience and help your present your best, most thoughtfully developed work.

While we don't teach you how to work with a particular program, we can help you to use it in composing your project. If for some reason, we don't know a particular function of the program, we can spend some time in a consultation with the Digital Media Studio to get your best work out there.

Sessions are 25 or 45 minutes long and should be scheduled in advance, when possible. These sessions are intended to strengthen the writer and his/her ability to compose using a variety of technologies.  At the UWC, we believe every writer has the capacity to become a stronger writer, and we are excited to assist with this journey. 

Commonly Asked Questions

I'm working on project, but it isn't for an English class, can I still use the University Writing Center?

Of course!  The UWC is here for all levels of writers from all disciplines and fields at all stages of the writing process.

Can you teach me how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?

Our focus is on your work rather than on the technology used to create it, and we don't claim to be experts in design software. However, in some cases, having some expertise in the software can greatly help with brainstorming or revision. Luckily, the Library's Digital Media Studio is here to help. If software expertise is required, part of your UWC session could be spent collaborating the knowledgeable staff of the DMS.

I don't have an appointment. Can I work on my project in the UWC anyway?

UWC computers are reserved first for writing sessions. We will always work with you to find a time to meet with a UWC Consultant, whether in the Multimedia Composition Center or the Writers' Studio. You are welcome to stay and work for a short time after your session or until the computer is needed. There are plenty of computer labs on campus if you don't have an appointment and need a place to work.

Can I drop my project off before my appointment so that you can review it before my session?

We find that it is best to review the project at the beginning of your session for a few important reasons:
  • Reviewing your work alongside an audience can help you see your work from a different perspective.
  • Reviewing your work together allows the Writing Consultant to ask questions or ask for clarification, as needed.
  • Reviewing your work during the sesssion ensures that you and the Writing Consultant are working with the most up-to-date draft.

Why don't you offer proofreading?

Our mission is to help writers strengthen their skills and become more confident and independent. We don't offer proofreading and editing services because we want you, the writer, to always be a part of the conversation about your text. Additionally, proofreading and editing are often about recognizing patterns in piece of writing. Being able to recognize patterns in your writing will lead you to become a stronger, more independent writer.
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