Helpful Resources for Making a Great Research Poster

Sometimes it's tricky to know where to start when creating a poster presentation. We've collected some tools, resources, and templates to start you on your poster research journey.


Design Tools:


Campus Resources:


Printing Your Poster:

  • You can easily use on campus resoruces, such as Blue Print Solutions or the Library, to get your poster ready for the Celebration of Student Writing. The Library Charges $14 for 2'x3' standard poster or $35 for 3'x5' poster. The pricing at Blue Print Solutions varies, so stop by their office in the Student Union for more details.


Links for Other Helpful Tips, Templates, and More: 

Still looking for more ideas, inspiration, or help? We've got you.

  • Colin Purrington's design blog offers some additional design tips (more geared towards scholarly science posters), with some nice design templates and printing tips thrown in for good measure. 
  • NYU's library offers a guide for poster basics, along with good and bad examples of poster presentations.
  • Northern Arizona University has a poster creation website specifically geared towards undergraduate research. Their page contains tips on design, layout, and even how to prepare for the presentation itself. 


Have you found a poster resource that could be helpful to others? We'd love to see it--send it to us at