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Current Honors Faculty

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(area code 615)

Accounting | Aerospace | Agribusiness and Agriscience | Art | Biology | Chemistry | Comm Studies and Organizational Communicaition | Economics | Educational Leadership | Electronic Media | Elementary and Special Education | English | Foreign Languages | Health and Human Performance | History | Human Sciences |Journalism | Liberal Arts | Management and Marketing | Mathematical Sciences | Music | Philosophy and Religious Studies | Physics & Astronomy | Political Science | Psychology | Recording Industry | Sociology and Anthropology | Theatre and Dance | Student Success | University Studies

Department Name Phone Email
Accounting Dr. Lara Daniel 2439  Lara.Daniel@mtsu.edu
Aerospace Dr. Mark Callender 5983 mcallend@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Paul Craig 2788 pcraig@mtsu.edu
Agribusiness and Agriscience Dr. Tony Johnston 2421 Tony.Johnston@mtsu.edu
Art Dr. Laura Cochrane   2505 Laura.Cochrane@mtsu.edu
  Kelker, Nancy 8084  nancy.kelker@mtsu.edu
Biology Dr. John DuBois 2040 John.DuBois@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Amy Jetton 5952 amy.jetton@mtsu.edu
   Dr. Dennis Mullen 5972 dmullen@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Ryan Otter 2847 rrotter@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Kim Sadler 904-8283 Kim.Sadler@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann  8393 rseipelt@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Stephen Wright 2056 smwright@mtsu.edu
Chemistry Dr. Keying Ding 2475 Keying.Ding@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Norma Dunlap 2954 Norma.Dunlap@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Judith Iriarte-Gross 8253 jiriarte@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Preston MacDougall 5265 pmacdougall@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Tammy Melton 2626 tmelton@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Amy Phelps 2077 ajphelps@mtsu.edu
  Dr.Paul "Greg" Van Patten 2956 Greg.VanPatten@mtsu.edu
Communication Studies and Organizational Communication Dr. Andrew Dix 4918 Andrew.Dix@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Kaylene Gebert 5263 Kaylene.Gebert@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Yang-Soo Kim 8756 Yang.Kim@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Linda Seward 8572 Linda.Seward@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Xiaowei Shi 494-7958 Xiaowei.Shi@mtsu.edu
Economics and Finance Dr. Tony Eff 2387 eaeff@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Mark Owens 5057 MarkROwens@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Sean Salter 2520 Sean.Salter@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Walker Todd 5617 Walker.Todd@mtsu.edu
Educational Leadership Dr. Donald Snead 5755 dsnead@mtsu.edu
Electronic Media Prof. Marc J. Barr 5628 mjbarr@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Roger Heinrich 904-8565 heinrich@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Robert Kalwinsky 904-8366 Robert.Kalwinsky@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jan Quarles 5628 jquarles@mtsu.edu
Elementary and Special Education Dr. Kathleen Burriss 2323 Kathleen.Burriss@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Craig Rice 5643 Craig.Rice@mtsu.edu
English Dr. Mohammed Albakry 494-8658 Mohammed.Albakry@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Maria Backman 5090 Maria.Bachman@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Linda Badley 2597 lbadley@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Julie Barger   Julie.Barger@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Claudia Barnett 2705 cbarnett@mtsu.edu
  Dr. William Brantley 2593 wbrantle@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Ellen Donovan 5981 Ellen.Donovan@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Laura Dubek 8156 ldubek@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Angela Hague 904-8123 ahague@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Elyce Helford 5961  elyce.helford@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Allen Hibbard 2665 Alan.Hibbard@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Martha Hixon 2599 mhixon@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Robert Holtzclaw 2664 rholtzcl@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Mark Jackson 494-7891 majackso@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Ronald Kates 2595 rkates@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Amy Kaufman 904-8598 kaufmana@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Rebecca King 5771 Rebecca.King@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Alfred Lutz 8128 alutz@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Rhonda McDaniel 5285 Rhonda.McDaniel@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Carl Ostrowski 8278 costrows@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Sheila Otto 5586 Sheila.Otto@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Kate Pantelides 2597 Kate.Pantelides@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Robert Petersen 2589 rpeterse@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Philip E. Phillips 2699 pphillip@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Kathleen Therrien 2857 therrien@mtsu.edu
Foreign Languages Dr. Nancy Goldberg 2281 goldberg@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Sonja Hedgepeth 2280 shedgepe@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Ann McCullough 5982 Ann.McCullough@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Joan McRae 2981 Joan.McRae@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Nuria Novella 5769 nnovella@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jason Pettigrew 2981 Jason.Pettigrew@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Shelley Thomas 5757 shthomas@mtsu.edu
 History Dr. Emily Baran 2634 Emily.Baran@mtsu.edu 
  Dr. Yuan-ling Chao 2629 ychao@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Mark Doyle 2545 Mark.Doyle@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Mary Evins 904-8241 mary.evins@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Louis Haas 5828 Louis.Haas@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle 5806 mhoffsch@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Dawn McCormack 494-8603 mccormac@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Kristine McCusker 2544 Kristine.McCusker@mtsu.edu 
  Dr. Becky McIntyre 494-8620 Becky.McIntrye@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Lynn Nelson 8174 lnelson@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Louis Woods 7987 louis.woods@mtsu.edu
Health and Human Performance Dr. Denise Bates 2983  Denise.Bates@mtsu.edu 
  Dr. Bethany Wrye 5073 Bethany.Wrye@mtsu.edu
Human Sciences Dr. Deborah Belcher 2302 dbelcher@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Janis Brickey 5724 jbrickey@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Gina Pisut 5724 gpisut@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Lauren Rudd 2089 Lauren.Rudd@mtsu.edu
Journalism Dr. Sanjay Asthana 5274 Sanjay.Asthana@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Larry Burriss 2983 lburriss@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Tricia Farwell 2987 Tricia.Farwell@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Katherine Foss 494-7747 katherine.foss@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jane Marcellus 5282 jmarcell@mtsu.edu
Liberal Arts Dr. Hilary Miller 5039 hstallin@mtsu.edu
Management and Marketing Dr. David Foote 2022 dfoote@mtsu.edu
  Dr. John Mullane 2747 John.Mullane@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Earl Thomas 432 rethomas@mtsu.edu
Mathematics Dr. Wandi Ding 494-8936 wding@mtsu.edu
  Dr. James Hart 5775 jhart@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Yuri Melnikov 2844 ymelniko@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jan Zijlstra 2691 zijlstra@mtsu.edu
Music Dr. Sarah Crocker   sarah.crocker@mtsu.edu 
  Dr. Joseph Morgan 5924 Joseph.Morgan@mtsu.edu
Philosophy and Religious Studies Dr. Ron Bombardi 2049 rbombard@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand 2907 Jenna.Gray-Hildenbrand@mtsu.edu 
  Dr. Rebekka King 2907 rebekka.King@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Mary Magada-Ward 5174 mmagada@mtsu.edu
  Dr. James Oliver 2050 poliver@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jack Purcell 5774 jpurcell@mtsu.edu
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Ron Henderson 2580 rhenders@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Charles Higgins 5946 chiggins@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Eric Klumpe 2483 eklumpe@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Martha Weller 2792 mweller@mtsu.edu
PoliticalScience Dr. David Carleton 5461 carleton@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Robb McDaniel 8245 rmcdanie@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Karen Petersen 2708 kpeterse@mtsu.edu
Psychology Dr. Michelle Boyer-Pennington 5451 mboyer@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Thomas Brinthaupt 2317 tbrintha@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Catherine Crooks 5949 ccrooks@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Teri Davis 5450 tdavis@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Gloria Hamilton 5745 ghamilto@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jwa Kim 2002 pykim@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Patrick McCarthy 2126 pmccarth@mtsu.edu
  Dr. John Pennington 8446 jpenning@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Connie Schmidt 5998 Connie.Schmidt@mtsu.edu
Recording Industry Dr. Paul Fischer 5470 Paul.Fischer@mtsu.edu
Sociology and Anthropology Dr. Meredith Dye 2690 meredith.dye@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Jackie Eller  2509  Jackie.Eller@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Ida Fadzillah 2508 ifadzill@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Brian Hinote 494-7914 bhinote@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Shannon Hodge 494-7681 shodge@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Angela Mertig 904-8349 Angela.Mertig@mtsu.edu
  Dr. J. Brandon Wallace 5976 jbwallae@mtsu.edu
Theatre and Dance Dr. Marsha Barsky 494-7995 Marsha.Barsky@mtsu.edu
  Dr. Richard A. Hansen 2267 rahansen@mtsu.edu
Student Success  Dr. Cornelia Wills 5025  Cornelia.Wills@mtsu.edu 
University Studies Dr. Dianna Rust 5325 Dianna.Rust@mtsu.edu