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Child Development & Family Studies

CDFS 4720 - Family-Centered Community Building II (FCCB II) 
The course is a service-learning course that introduces students to issues and activities in the community. 

CDFS 4391 / 5391 
Aging, Health and Development 

Child Development and Family Studies 4391 / 5391 is a fully integrated service-learning course. The purpose of the program is to affect positively the sense of well-being, physical fitness, and health status of older individuals. It also allows students to learn about aging, old age, history, and the different cultures present in our particular environment. AHeAD serves as a catalyst for the integration of various age, racial, and ethnic groups, the University, and the community. Community partners include local senior centers and long-term care facilities. Students may earn three credits per semester as they devote hours to activities and workshops for active and institutionalized elders.

CDFS 4790 - Family Life Program Development & Evaluation 

  • Sibshops were offered to provide brothers & sisters with an opportunity to learn how others handle situations commonly experienced with having special needs siblings.  |  Photos

Interior Design

HSC 4054 - Advanced Problems: Interior Design

IDES 2700 - Interior Design Fundamental
Development of hand-block lettering styles with emphasis on the impact of the built environment.

IDES 3700 - Interior Design Visual Presentation I
Students combine rendering techniques, perspective drawing and sketching to design projects.

IDES 3710 - Principles of Interior Design
Creative problem solving using basic principles, theories and procedures,

IDES 3720 - Material and Finishes
Treatment of interior space to be examined in terms of properties, specifications, installation, and manufacturers

IDES 3730 -Residential Design I
Analysis of components, materials, and space relative to human scale and habitability.

IDES 4770 - Contract Design II
Advanced studio - emphasis on problem solving, documentation, and presentation of hospitality spaces.

Nutrition and Food Science

NFS 3200 - Food Principles
Teaching basic physical and chemical principles, techniques and skills in quality food preparation.

NFS 4240 Experimental Food Study
Emphasis placed on evaluation of sensory qualities of food using subjective and objective measurements.

NFS 4310 - Medical Nutrition Therapy II
Explores the modification of diets in pathological and special conditions.

NFS 4265 - Food Safety and Sanitation
Addresses food safety issues impacting food production, storage and service within the home and service facilities.

Textiles, Merchandising, and Design

TXMD 1110 - Basic Design
Analysis, experiments and application of the elements and principles of design

TXMD 2200 - History of Fashion

TXMD 3120 / 2180 Textiles II
Focus on contemporary textile industry problems related to raw amterial, sourcing, distribution, retailing, and consumption.

TXMD 3220 - Pattern Making I

TXMD 3300 Clothing II
Explores us of and development of wearable art as an aid in developing design concepts.

TXMD 3370 & 4370 - Fashion Illustration and Advanced Fash. Illustration
TXMD 3370 explores skill development using various techniques. TXMD 4370 further explores the color rendering techniques using markers and colored pencils.

TXMD 4100- Fashion Promotion
Offers an overview of the sales promotion process in relation to the fashion industry; emphasis on advertising, visual merchandising, special events and fashion show production.

TXMD 4220 - Computer-Aided Apparel Design I (CAD 1)
Students create projects using computer-aided software relating to apparel and textile designs.

TXMD 4320 -  Computer-Aided Apparel Design II (CAD II)


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