Transportation - University King Air

University‐owned aircraft may be used only to conduct official university business and in accordance with the university's travel policy (see Policy 658 Travel). Personal use, including recreational use, and/or commuting are strictly prohibited.
University aircraft may be used only when official business cannot be conducted more economically through the use of regularly scheduled commercial aircraft. Specifically, it is appropriate to use university aircraft when the destination is not served by commercial carriers; the time required to use such a carrier interferes with other university obligations; or the number of officials and employees traveling makes the use of university aircraft cost effective. While convenience is a consideration in selecting this mode of travel, it is not the primary factor and must be considered along with cost, the nature of the business to be conducted and other relevant factors.
Travel on university aircraft is authorized for university employees or prospective employees, students or prospective students, donors or prospective donors, speakers at university events, official guests of the university, officials of the university and their spouses (including trustees), provided such persons are engaged in, or supporting, an official business function of the university. Travel is also authorized for individuals of other state agencies when such persons are engaged in official business of the State of Tennessee.

Procedures for scheduling use of the University’s King Air:

1. Contact Michael Gref, Flight Training Manager and Chief Flight Instructor, by email at
Provide all relevant information regarding your request such as date, times, number of passengers, business purpose, etc.

2. The University Pilot will confirm your date/times for the requested flight are available or provide alternates.

3. Upon confirmation of availability, complete an online request form that will be routed through the appropriate University channels for approval:

4. The University Pilot will confirm your requested flight has been approved and scheduled.

5. Your department or agency will receive an invoice within 30 days of completion of your flight.

Current per mile rates for use of the University’s King Air:

Internal usage is $3.00 per mile.

External usage is $3.50 per mile.

Additional expenses related to a trip, such as landing fees or rental cars, are not included in the above per mile rates.  These expenses will be listed separately on the trip invoice.

To apply for a flight lab, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download and read the Flight Lab Guide thoroughly and review the additional costs of flight labs.

A summary checklist is also available.

Step 2:
Complete the "Flight Lab Request Form" for the semester you wish to enroll within the application period specified.  Review your selection carefully to ensure accuracy. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.  Late or inaccurate submissions will be considered only after all other applications.

Spring 2024 Flight Lab Request Form

Summer 2024 Flight Lab Request Form

Fall Application
June 1 – June 30

Spring Application
Sept 15 – Nov 15 

Summer Application
Feb 15 – April 15

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