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UPDATES: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2024

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Special Events

You are invited to the MTSU Aerospace BBQ at EAA AirVenture! 

When: July 26th at 5:30pm
Who: Aerospace Alumni, Family, & Friends of the Department 
What: You are cordially invited to a BBQ dinner celebrating over eight decades of flight training, our alumni, and our wonderful industry partners.
  • This year we are requesting a nominal donation of $15 to offset the catering expenses, but drink tokens will be provided. The last day to get on the dinner list is July 21st.
  • Questions? Contact Jared Bryson, Director of Development, College of Basic and Applied Science at or (615) 898-5003.
Where: Expo Booth #442. You can find us just below the control tower. If you are unable to attend the BBQ dinner please stop by anytime throughout the week for a special alumni gift. 
Spots must be reserved no later than July 21st!
We hope to see you there!

Want to Make an Impact? 


The cost of completing an aerospace degree at MTSU is a real bargain compared to other programs around the country, but it is still expensive. While MTSU is a state university, much of the burden of financing an education in the field of aviation still depends on the student. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend university. Maybe you were one yourself.

Even small amounts add up to a lot and that can have an HUGE IMPACT on the lives of these students—the next generation in the Aviation Industry. In 2023 there are about 1,200 students in the Aerospace Department's programs, including 900 Pro Pilot students. 

Here's what the Department needs and why! 


R.A.M.P, or the Resiliency and Mindfulness Program, was created to help aerospace students take control of their mental health. R.A.M.P seeks to accomplish this task by providing community, advocacy, support, and education to the students, faculty, staff, and flight instructors of the Aerospace Department. The mission of R.A.M.P is to provide a supportive environment for students and increase opportunities for students to find appropriate helping agencies and community support when faced with troubling issues.

Learn more about the resources provided through R.A.M.P and how you can help here! 

Grow the Fleet 

As of 2023, the entire fleet is either new or has been recently refurbished. Each primary trainer has an updated G1000 or Garmin touchscreen avionics. Maintaining a modern and well-equipped training fleet ensures our students and our program remain among the best. 

As it stands the department operates a training fleet of 40 total aircraft. There are 33 DA-40s, one DA-20, five Piper Seminoles, and one Piper Cub. Spring 2023 will see the arrival of four more DA-40s.  

As the fleet ages and program needs change, the department will grow and replace the fleet as necessary. Any donations toward fleet growth is appreciated as these plans are developed and carried out. 

For donors choosing to adopt a plane, we are happy to put your name on the aircraft in recognition of your support. We would love to see cohort years pitch in together – “This aircraft was lovingly refurbished by the Class of____”!


Flight Lab Stipends

The average Pro Pilot student spends $60,000 on flight labs. While this cost is experienced over the four years that the student is enrolled, these fees are unique to the major and far exceed any other across the university. 


Airframe and Powerplant students are required to furnish all of their own tools. This can run into the thousands of dollars. With a gift to a student mechanic, they might carry the tools you helped to buy throughout their career. 


All graduates from the program are required as part of their capstone course to participate in the focus lab that simulates an airline operations center. The ramp tower, software and computers necessary to operate this simulation are in regular need of updating to stay ahead of the innovation curve. 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems 

The newest program in the Aerospace Department is popular and would benefit greatly from support to expand its capacity. Gifts to this program will go a long way toward helping to keep it cutting-edge and relevant to industries across the state and nation. Platforms and software needed to run critical simulations are in need of constant updating and upgrading. Your gift can help make an enormous impact in this field. 

Odds & Ends

Discretionary Funds for Departmental Needs

Emergency repair funds, and student travel support such as the Skills Competition for the Maintenance Club or other student organizations. 

Air Race Classic

Support our women in aviation with a gift to the Air Race Classic Fund.


The entire program continues to grow and expand. If you can contribute a substantial sum please let us know. We’d like to discuss possibilities with you! 

If you can help in other ways, please don’t hesitate to contact Jared Bryson, the Director of Development for the College of Basic and Applied Science at or by calling 615-898-5003


Thank You for your ongoing support for the Program!


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