Our Methodology (Continued)

So, how does this work in a language class? Students work with the teacher to co-create a story. This happens when the teacher asks the story into creation. Since the teacher is building onto language the students have already learned and can 100% comprehend, they are unconsciously learning.

This leads to even greater fluency very quickly! Soon the students are producing the language themselves. And they do it without any stress because they have already internalized some basic vocabulary. Using this method also gives them a natural understanding of the language’s structure. In fact, it’s almost as natural as a child learning his or her first language.

Shifting to the “Left Brain”

As the class focus moves towards speaking, reading, and writing, we begin to engage the left hemisphere of the brain. That is more of the analytical side of things. So, when it comes to learning a language, that means we are helping students to make deductions about grammar all on their own.

They are even able to compose unique expressions and compositions without any assistance from the teacher. But because our techniques involve whole-brain learning, we keep the right brain engaged as well. This is done using stories and other activities that are fun, emotional, and are personalized during every step of the process.

What is the benefit to constantly switching back and forth between the left and right side of the brain? It keeps every moment of the learning process engaging, effective, and fulfilling. It also ensures that students fully retain the material and can apply it to real-life situations. They can do this almost as naturally we all do with our native language.

Finally, our methods for teaching language classes allow students to understand everything they hear and read with minimal reversion to English. Our students feel confident and comfortable working in the language in and out of the classroom. That’s because we give them an immersion-like environment where they are set up to succeed!


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